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OGCowles wrote on 18 January 2017

Good service .Quick cashback .

I usually use Transferwise and they are still better for bigger amounts but for this review and to see if the cashback would be paid I tried TransferGo .I have tried Western Union but they don't pay out . The site was easy to use ,the only drawback being I organised the transfer on a Sunday evening ,and when I got home Monday evening I had a look at the transfer and TransferGo wanted to do an identity check before the transfer could be done. But no contact from them to request it by any other method . However , the rate was good , the transfer ,quick and the information as the transfer happened was regular. Fee free first transfer and regularly receive free codes. 11th December ,tracked at once , cashback received 17th January. Not Bad . Will use again.

Overall rating 5 stars

poppedops wrote on 14 September 2016

Transfer go, but not all will go!

Myself and my husband transferred money using Transfer go. After a week his transfer has not taken place. After numerous emails, phone calls, back and forth between Transfergo and the recipient, we established that a transfer has taken place at last but NOT the agreed amount/quoted amount. Without any apology what so ever, an amount will be paid back into my account. That is however not where I wanted or needed the money to be. I am astounded that the company will not apologize or transfer the agreed quoted amount.

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 4 stars

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