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More about True Grace

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at True Grace. From the ingredients in our formulations, to the refill bottles made from 100% recycled materials, to our factory shop fittings made from recycled wood, we make every decision with the conscious intent to tread lightly and minimise our footprint.

We believe that sustainability is about respecting and nurturing not just the environment but also the entire True Grace community: our team, manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Our factory is ecologically sound and environmentally friendly, powered by a combination of solar power, and renewable biomass. In 2021 we purchased 70 native broadleaf trees as part of the Carbon Footprint UK tree planting programme. In addition, for every tree we plant we also offset one ton of CO2 through a VCS project which reduces deforestation in Brazil. Occasionally we have to use power from the grid rather than our own PV due to the long winter nights, but these small offsets enable us to achieve the carbon neutral status of which we are so proud.

Across our supply chain we strive to maintain carbon neutrality, to reduce our CO2 emissions and avoid contributing to man-made climate change.

in 2015 we were proud to be certified as carbon neutral.

Our emissions decreased by 55% between 2015 and 2021, dropping from 155 to 70 tons. We hope to see them drop even further as we continue on our quest to impact our natural world as little as possible.

We believe in employing the age-old methods of creating candles, using traditional skills and techniques, including pouring our candles by hand.

The True Grace team has an incredible 207 years of collective knowledge and experience – and we are committed to continuing to learn and hone our craft.