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atlantic909 wrote on 17 July 2017

Fantastic Rate, Very Fast Paying,

What can I say really. UGG did exactly what they said they would in a very fast turnaround time. Exactly what people hope for when using Quidco etc etc

Overall rating 5 stars

slinky247 wrote on 04 April 2018

Yes another declined cashback

Looking at the reviews on here, it seems standard for UGG to decline the cashback. I always have to order two sizes from UGG as sizes seem to vary dependent on style. Kept one size, returned other, cashback declined. Next time I will do two separate orders in the hope they will actually pay on the pair I keep especially given the cost, the cashback would be a decent amount, if they ever pay it.....

Overall rating 4 stars

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user3048062 wrote on 21 June 2017


I purchased a pair of UGG slippers from their website via Quidco but the cashback didn't track. I subsequently put in a claim which when it was eventually dealt with was declined. I don't understand why. It was the first time I'd ever bought from their site. Great slippers though.

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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Overall rating 3 stars

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