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About UK Energy

Switching energy supplier is one of the quickest and easiest ways to cut your gas and electricity bills. Make the switch with UK Energy, and you can compare tariffs from every UK energy supplier in just a couple of clicks.

Last updated Apr. 12, 2023
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    Helpful Information

    Shopping UK Energy

    Using UK Energy’s website—to compare gas and electricity prices and make the decision to switch to a new provider—can save you a significant amount of money on your energy bills. The energy experts keep track of the rates and service areas of numerous suppliers to make finding the best deals easy.

    UK Energy: Compare tariffs

    Comparing tariffs offered by different companies for electricity and gas is as simple as providing some information about your current provider and your postcode. UK Energy will show you quotes from a wide range of trusted suppliers in your area so that you can compare their rates and find the best savings. You also have the choice of comparing gas and electricity tariffs separately or searching for dual fuel tariffs for more price options.

    UK Energy switching

    After you decide on the tariffs for you, UK Energy will do the rest. It contacts your current supplier and your new company to switch you over in around 17 days. This service is completely free, as UK Energy gets paid commissions by the suppliers, and you will not receive any surprise increases on your tariff prices.

    Your new supplier will send you a package outlining the terms of the new deal and may require simple steps such as giving them up-to-date meter readings to ensure the accuracy of your first bill. It will then provide your gas and electricity through your existing pipes and wires, with no interruption of service or need for intrusive construction work. 

    UK Energy: When to switch

    One of the best times to consider switching to a new provider is if you have stayed with the same provider for over a year. Your original fixed-rate deal may end and cause you to pay a more expensive variable tariff as service continues. While these tariffs include pricey penalties for leaving early, you can compare energy plans and switch to a new supplier as early as 49 days before your current plan ends.

    You should also consider comparing tariff prices if the rates of your provider or others show signs of increasing soon. Switching to a fixed-rate deal will lock in lower prices for their duration even when variable rates increase. Finding a new fixed-rate deal is also an excellent plan to prevent the lighting and heating needed to combat cold and dark winter months from costing too much. 

    Your reason for looking for more attractive energy tariffs may even be a simple reason such as bad customer service or poorly handled billing.

    UK Energy cashback

    With our Quidco cashback program, you can save even more money when you switch your home energy provider. At the top of this Quidco page, choose from any of the cashback links and click “Get Cashback,” which will send you to UK Energy’s website. There, you continue to use its service to choose the deal that is best for you, and Quidco will track and process your order. When complete, we will send your cashback into your Quidco account.