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carysbrookes9152509 wrote on 06 March 2017

One of the best for cashback

You know what you're getting vistaprint - the site is easy to use, navigate around and there are plenty of design options (again easy to navigate round). Delivery is always prompt and the prices of the services are competitive. In regards to cashback they are one of the best - usually get a good cashback rate and it is always confirmed and paid quickly.

Overall rating 5 stars

eileeno wrote on 14 December 2016

Weird amounts to order!

Can't complain about the calendar design, but when it comes to ordering , it is 1,2,3,4,5, ten, 25......As I wanted 13, had to do 2 orders, so twice the postage, and they all came in the same box!

Overall rating 4 stars

weenie769 wrote on 26 July 2017

terrible cashback response

won't be ordering through quidco for Vista as apparently i had returned my order. n idea how i would have seeing as the leaflets and business cards were personalised with my company details delivery was quick

Overall rating 2.5 stars

Overall rating 4 stars

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