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VOCA Fresh Cashback & Offers

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VOCA Fresh Cashback & Offers

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More about VOCA Fresh

Enjoy delicious, filtered water directly from your kitchen tap. A fresh taste without compromise.

Intuitive touch keys and user friendly remote controller. Set desired quantity and temperature in seconds.

Forget single use plastic bottles or energy wasting kettles. The Voca TC-X only heats the amount you need at the temperature you need it.

The convenience of instant access to 95°C of fresh, filtered water.

Get every step right: follow your favorite recipes with precision by selecting the exact quantity and temperature.

Filtered water at the ideal temperature.

No compromise on quality for your loved ones. Easy to use thanks to the dedicated, customizable baby milk function. Don't want to wake up everybody in the middle of the night? The built in LED light is the perfect solution in low-light situations.

Make the most of every leaf by releasing the right flavor and aroma.

Because different kind of teas require specific temperatures, the VOCA TC-X is the ideal assistant to help you brewing the perfect cup of tea.

Espresso? Pressed? Filtered? Moka?

No matter what system you prefer, water is the center ingredient for any good coffee. Pursue the perfect brew thanks to the VOCA TC-X with the perfect combination of water quality, temperature and quantity.

High-tech patented technology that brings you a smart solution that increases the quality of your water with all the added comfort of access to instant hot temperatures (up to 95°C) at touching distance.

​Our tankless mechanism ensures that you receive the purest possible result, never reheated.

​The user-friendly interface offers easy access and programmable features for a trouble-free experience.