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arfan7510735 wrote on 13 October 2016

Cashback confirmed within 32 days

Cashback confirmed within 32 days the fastest ever, 32.50 with 5 shops excellent stuff, plus this retailer has Cashback for returning customers great

Overall rating 5 stars

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elbee63 wrote on 16 October 2016

Not for existing customers

Quidco - it would be worth pointing out that the £40 gift card is for new customers - when you press on the terms and conditions it doesn't say that. I went to the website from the link and it didn't tell me. I was=ent to the website from a different way and it said then that it was for new people only. I was trying to get my shop up to £100, but don't need to bother as I won't get the offer anyway. Bit disappointed you didn't say upfront.

Overall rating 4.5 stars

rHannent wrote on 04 October 2016

The Waitrose you expect but delivered

Waitrose has always provided excellent products and their online service continues that tradition. The delivery is good, with a friendly driver and everything packaged as you'd expect. Of course delivery "as you'd expect" means there are too many carrier bags, and I order with bags because I hate the idea of someone standing there while I unload the boxes. The one main complaint I have about the deliveries is that you can't order next day delivery, only the day after which is a shame. They offer good deals which off-sets the natural expense of Waitrose and you can expect vouchers to cover subsequent shops.

Overall rating 4 stars

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Overall rating 4 stars

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