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cxu95 wrote on 09 May 2016

Accurate tracking and fast payment

Very good retailer and the payment was fast. Quidco has done a good job and I recommend it to many friends of mine

Overall rating 5 stars

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Jesse798 wrote on 22 November 2016

First Quidco Purchase

As my first Quidco purchase, this was a test to see how feasible using Quidco is to gain cashback on online shopping. I saw that others had commented on how quickly they heard Waterstones tracked cashback, so I thought I would try them first. I have been to Waterstones, both online and in store, previously, and I have always had a good experience. The books can be expensive, but if you want the bookstore on the highstreet to survive, you need to support them. I bought a book as a Christmas present for my sister. The price is reasonable, ordering online was very simple and I am confident in the store delivery. The same day I had two emails, one from Waterstones confirming the order, and one from Quidco confirming tracking. I would be very happy to use Quidco and Waterstones through Quidco again.

Overall rating 4.5 stars

Overall rating 3.5 stars

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