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user2059391 wrote on 05 September 2016

very happy

I love this card and its so handy. Cashback came through very fast. I recommend this card, and tell everyone about it.

Overall rating 5 stars

lGiles26946 wrote on 27 April 2017

Great card but no cashback!

This is a great little card for preloading and using cash abroad. You can quickly see when transactions have been made and the remaining balance through the app. However, the only reason we chose this over other preloaded credit cards was the lure of the cash back. This was declined, appealed and declined again. I have no clue why as we applied correctly through Quidco. Disappointing cashback service but they sometimes have their own offers, as when I loaded the card this year, they added a £10 bonus!

Overall rating 4 stars

Overall rating 4.5 stars

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Cashback not available