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user1636413 wrote on 08 April 2016

Excellent food and an excellent service

Not only is the food excellent, the service is too. My parents use Wiltshire Farm Foods every week. They have a huge variety of meals to chose from and you can also have large or mini meals to suite every appetite. The service they get is second to none. Prompt delivery and its the same young man every time (except when he's on holiday). My parents now know and trust him. He comes in, puts the meals in the freezer and is away within a few minutes. He always has a cheery word to say too. This service is amazing and without it, it would be left to me. The website is also very easy to use and cash-back is fast too.

Overall rating 5 stars

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jBarker52647 wrote on 10 February 2017

Intermittent orders for intermittent fasting

I use their mini meals to keep me under 500 calories on days when I am doing Intermittent fasting (also known as the 5:2 diet) and they are great. I was worried that they would have that "calorie controlled" taste that shop bought low calorie meals have but they actually taste nice. The meals are delivered when promised and although they don't come in the Wiltshire branded box you see on TV that's not a problem as the meals go straight into the freezer and the cardboard goes straight into the recycling. The website is easy to use and there is also telephone help from both the Head Office and the Local delivery depot. Cashback is usually very quick, but even if it wasn't (or they didn't pay any) I would still use them as they are a great company providing a good product at a reasonable price.

Overall rating 5 stars

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lDavies12803 wrote on 24 February 2016


Quick to track and quick to get confirmed. Well done Wiltshire Farm Foods! Always delivers on time, and drivers are excellently trained to deal with my elderly Mother

Overall rating 4.5 stars

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Overall rating 5 stars

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