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user3505250 wrote on 22 November 2016

Stay away... terrible service!

I imagined that a known and respectable company like Wolford would have a decent online shopping service but I was more than disappointed. I had problems placing the order and applying a 10% discount promised to new customers who sign up for the newsletter. I tried twice contacting them by email to correct the issues but never received any response. I called them three times, the first time the customer service representative said he couldn't fix the problem but I shouldn't worry because they would get back to my email within 24 hours. The second time I called over two hours before their advertised closing time, only to receive the message "please call during our opening hours" (!) When I called a third time about my emails not receiving any response and their phone line being closed during opening hours, the customer representative was very unhelpful saying that the problem I had experienced with the discount couldn't be fixed and if I want I can refuse the parcel when it arrives! I am now waiting for the parcel (which by the way contains only three of the four products I ordered, despite all showing "in stock" at the time I placed the order) so I can refuse it, and I have to cross my fingers that there won't be any more trouble receiving my refund.

Overall rating 2 stars

Overall rating 2 stars

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