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World First Travel Insurance, founded in 1973, is a part of the Rothwell & Towler insurance group. Set up as a speciality provider of holiday and worldwide travel insurance, World First grew into one of the most respectable brands in the UK and Ireland's travel insurance sector.

Besides being a part of a large insurance group, World First runs like a large family business. They built their reputation in the travel insurance sector by providing the most comprehensive and customisable travel insurance coverage on the market.

All this would not be possible without a team with plenty of experience and expertise in travel. World First employs travel insurance specialists that understand what travellers need and are willing to go out of their way to provide them with the best possible coverage.

Who underwrites World First Travel Insurance?

A company with the reputation that World First has in the holiday and travel insurance sector has to live up to that reputation by choosing to work with only the best. Travel Insurance Facilities is World First’s underwriter of choice, signing all of the travel insurance policies. 

Founded in 1996, Travel Insurance Facilities (TIF) Group is one of the most experienced comprehensive insurance service providers in the UK. As a part of the largest German banking group, VKB Group, TIF specialises in the travel insurance sector services in the UK and Ireland. 

When you take out a travel insurance policy at World First, you can rest easy knowing that it is being underwritten by the best. 

World First - better value and more choice

Are you planning a family holiday? Or maybe you are a lifestyle traveller and nomad? If that is the case, then a travel insurance policy is a must. Unexpected illness or injury while travelling can lead to astronomical medical bills and health insurance in the UK will not cover most of them. 

World First understands that different types of travellers have individual insurance needs, and crafts their policies to allow for maximum flexibility without compromising the coverage. Check out their personalised travel insurance policies for backpackers, single-trip and annual multi-trip, ski travel, sports travel, or business travel. 

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Travel insurance is an essential part of feeling safe and free while you travel. Not having to worry about what happens if you get sick or injured or lose your valuables will allow you to enjoy your travel to the fullest. 

Our World First cashback offer is a great way to save even more on travel insurance. Even better, you'll always find any available World First Travel Insurance coupons right here. Our page is updated regularly.

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