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user1601723 wrote on 20 February 2017


Still awaiting for the cash back after 6 months, Calling back home from abroad was hit and miss. The phone stopped working after 4 months so I have given up on them. Avoid in my opinion

Overall rating 2 stars

todderz wrote on 22 November 2016


Not only is the service poor and the website difficult to use, but the cashback was declined for no reason. Met all the terms and conditions, the transaction tracked, but was eventually declined with no explanation and no opportunity for comeback. Impossible to log in to the worldsim website when abroad. SMS topup mechanism does not work. Leaves you with no credit and no way to get more, which sucks when you're in Botswana or wherever. Endless marketing emails from them, it never stops. Why do so many quidco transactions fail to track or get declined.

Overall rating 1 stars

Overall rating 1.5 stars

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