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WufWuf Shop Cashback & Offers

Up to 10.8% cashback

WufWuf Shop Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

10.8% cashback

for purchases of £150 or more

7.6% cashback

for purchases between £80 - £149.99

5.2% cashback

for purchases between £30 - £79.99

2.4% cashback

for purchases up to £29.99

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More about WufWuf Shop

WufWuf was born from the minds of loving dog owners just like you! That’s why we would never want to have anything in our shop that we don’t want to give to our own pups! Only the nicest dog toys, treats and accessories! We produce our own brand’s dog toys and treats. In addition to that, we are retailing toys and treats from other UK and EU brands as well. We are always looking for the best quality items for our dogs!

WufWuf treats are being produced in Yorkshire, UK. And all WufWuf dog toys are designed in the UK and produced in Europe. We design and produce different themed dog toys each month so you’d never have to worry about the variety! You can find all kinds of dog toys, puppy toys, dog balls, squeaky toys and many more items here! We are a huge family of dog owners and our aim is to make all dogs happy with the best dog toys, treats and accessories!