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AA UK Breakdown Cover cashback

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As the UK's number 1 in roadside assistance and recovery, we handle one breakdown every 9 seconds. So far we've helped around 3.5 million people who've broken down in the past year. And of those AA members who've called us out, 98% would recommend us. As well as cars we cover minibuses, motorbikes, small vans & caravans – and also taxis!  
If your car breaks down, here's what you can expect from the AA:
* 24/7 roadside assistance 365 days a year
* priority service for members in vulnerable situations
* an average arrival time of 40 minutes
* speedy roadside repairs: on average we aim to fix your car in less than 30 minutes
* the AA's number one aim is to provide a repair at the roadside, rather than tow to a garage
*AA patrol vans are fitted with specialist towing equipment so fewer members have to wait for a recovery truck  
* the AA doesn't charge extra for labour at the roadside
*We reward loyalty with Silver & Gold Membership
Plus you'll get a fantastic range of benefits, which could help to save you the same as, or even more than, the cost of your membership. With AA personal breakdown membership, you are covered 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day in any vehicle.

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All cashback rates Last updated: 25 May


for Policies of £271+ (pay in full, new customers only)


for Policies between £171 and £270.99 (pay in full, new customers only)


for Policies between £111 and £170.99 (pay in full, new customers only)


for Policies between £61 and £110.99 (pay in full, new customers only)


for Policies between £41.00 and £60.99 (pay in full, new customers only)


for Policies between £1 and £40.99 (pay in full, new customers only)

Terms & conditions

  • New Customers only.
  • If you have received a renewal invite from The AA for Breakdown cover in the last 60 days then your cashback will be declined.
  • Policies must be paid in full in order to qualify for the cashback.
  • AA UK Business Breakdown Cover does NOT qualify for Quidco cashback.
  • Customers purchasing breakdown cover in conjunction with any other AA offers, such as new car purchases or free memberships with Car and Home Insurance policies, will not be eligible for cashback.
  • You will only be awarded cashback if bought through the link on this page and make your purchase without interruptions in your online transaction. 
  • Cashback will be declined on other products bought through this link.
  • If you wish to receive your cashback sooner, at the time of purchase please choose to pay the full amount via credit or debit card.
  • In the event your cashback does not track, a cashback claim must be raised within 60 days of the date of your purchase
  • Any fraudulent activity will result in immediate termination of your account. Cashback can only be paid to your account if it is set to receive payments through BACS.
  • Members should not contact the AA directly for any queries. In case of any enquiries please contact Quidco.
  • Cashback will not be paid out on policies cancelled within 60 days of the start date of the policy.
  • Members should only use voucher codes listed on Quidco. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers that are not listed on Quidco your cashback may not track or be declined.

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Voucher codes & offers

Cashback is available with AA UK Breakdown Cover, however, at this time we've no additional voucher codes or offers. Keep an eye out though, we're always adding new deals.

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