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for BT TV + Infinity Broadband and Calls (new customers)



for BT TV + Broadband + Calls (new customers)



for BT Infinity Broadband + Calls (new customers)



for BT Broadband + Calls (new customers)



for Solus TV (new customers)

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Estimated payment date

31 December

(if you purchase today)

Tracking speed

Less than 6 hours

(from purchase)

81% tracked within 6 hours

13% tracked within 12 hours

1% tracked within 1 day

4% tracked within 1 day+

Tracking reliability

95% tracked

Cashback claim payment speed

Less than 4 months

(from submission date)

100% paid between 90 to 180 days

Please ensure you clear the cookies on your browser before logging in to Quidco and clicking through to the BT Broadband retailer page. You must complete your sale in one clean transaction without clicking away from the site to ensure successful tracking.

  • Clicking on to a search engine, another website or an online BT advert/offer during your purchase will cause your cashback not to track or become declined.
  • Cashback is paid for all customers purchasing a brand new package. Existing BT customers who regrade a current package will only be eligible for cashback on the new add-on element, if cashback is offered on the particular product at the time. 
  • Cashback is only confirmed once installation is complete.
  • Customers that have existing BT line rental but Broadband from another provider are classed as new BT Broadband customers.
  • Infinity sales will track at a lower cashback value and will update to the correct amount when the sale becomes confirmed.
  • Certain BT orders will track at No Amount and require you to verify your sale by confirming your sale details on the verification form shown in your Quidco Activity page. These sales will update to the correct value/status up to 30 days after your installation date.
  • This programme is monitored. Any members reported to us as applying to BT Broadband with fraudulent details or intent to deceive will have their Quidco account and cashback terminated without prior notice.
  • Members should only use voucher codes listed on Quidco. If you use staff discount codes or external voucher codes that are not listed on Quidco your cashback may not track or be declined.
  • Cashback may only be paid on the net value excluding VAT, all other taxes, surcharges and any additional costs such as delivery.



Cashback is available with BT Broadband. At this time we've no additional voucher codes or offers, but keep watching this space we're always adding new deals.

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BT Broadband Cashback

1 2 3 4 5 16 days ago
 Cashback tracking
 Pricing and cashback
 Product or service
 Cashback payment
 Delivery and packaging
Cashback arrived much before i expected. It was fabulous that things get tracked and just come to your account on the date Quidco promised. BT services so far has been good and have not had any issues.
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Very Disappointing - Be careful and Make sure you clear your history before you purchase!!!

1 2 3 4 5 28 days ago
 Cashback tracking
 Pricing and cashback
 Product or service
 Cashback payment
 Delivery and packaging
I ordered the full package with BT - Phone, Internet and TV. Only intended to get the phone and internet but because BT TV is a reasonable price and the cash back rate was much higher we decided to get this as well. Unfortunately from day one I have had nothing but problems with BT with being messed about with installation and when speaking to advisers being told different dates every time I phoned. It took 2 months for the instillation to be complete. I then came across another problem which was that the BT Sport does not work on my box. I have been told that you can't get it on the box without infinity (not available in my area) but when reading on the internet it says you need a viewing card if you don't have infinity, had to joy with trying to get this. And then to top off my stream of bad luck I have not received my cash back and I'm not going to as quidco say BT has paid it to another source and they have done all they can. This is such a disappointment as I would not have take the TV packages if I had known I was not receiving this.
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Dont give a monkeys

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1 2 3 4 5 1 month ago
 Cashback tracking
 Pricing and cashback
 Product or service
 Cashback payment
 Delivery and packaging
Cancelled my order for no reason. They couldn't care less that I had cancelled my other services. Basically said I had to reorder and wait. Also contact numbers are useless. You can only get thru if you have a BT phone number.......which I dont have cus I am transferring to them. I hate BT and I havent even joined them yet
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