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AA UK Breakdown Cover Cashback & Offers

Up to £149.50 cashback

AA UK Breakdown Cover Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£149.50 cashback

for policies over £250

£84.50 cashback

for policies over £200

£64.50 cashback

for policies over £150

£44.50 cashback

for policies over £100

£29.50 cashback

for policies over £69

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More about AA UK Breakdown Cover

AA UK Breakdown Cover Cashback  

Driving independently for the first time can be daunting, as can finding yourself stranded on the side of a motorway with no breakdown cover. Make sure you’re up to date with all the AA UK breakdown cover discounts and cashback offers you can receive through Quidco. 

First formed in 1905, the AA, which stands for the Automobile Association, was originally established to help drivers avoid speeding fines. However, they have now expanded their range to include a variety of services, including insurance, finance, and general driving advice. 

The AA has got you covered 24 hours of the day, no matter your vehicle type or location. Of course, breakdown cover can be pricey, so Quidco has a selection of AA UK breakdown cover discount offers to enable you to receive more affordable roadside assistance, providing reassurance for the next time you break down or your tire deflates.

5 reasons why you should choose AA 

On hand 24/7

Mechanics at the AA offer 24-hour vehicle assistance 7 days a week, so should you find yourself frantically pushing the accelerator, turning on your hazard lights, and directing your car to the side of the road, give AA a call. 

More than a century of expertise

AA has been an established company since 1905, which means guaranteed expertise on all vehicle or roadside issues you may encounter. Be assured that with AA you are in good hands.

Inclusive service

AA covers many types of vehicles, such as motorbikes, taxis, buses, and vans, as well as regular cars. So you can be confident that no matter what vehicle you’re driving, you will still receive specialist service from the AA. 

Variety of choice 

Not only does AA offer roadside assistance and breakdown cover, but the company also provides roadmaps and route planners to aid your journeys, as well as information and advice on driving laws, mileage, and traffic updates. They can also help out with a wide range of issues, such as breakdowns, flat tyres, and dead batteries.

Quick and efficient help

In most circumstances, the AA is on hand to help in under an hour, meaning you can continue on with your journey quickly after the problem has been solved. 

Top tips for shopping with AA

Did you know? AA has an app available on iPhone and Android, which can help make your journey run smoother and be less stressful, with real-time traffic updates, route planning help, contact details available, and other useful information you can use to regain your driving confidence. 

You can also become a member of the AA and receive smart benefits, such as deals and discounts on car washes, restaurants and more. You can even enjoy a range of exclusive benefits and deals depending on the type of membership. Find out more on the AA website or app.

Customer support available

The AA website features an easy-to-navigate support and help section on their website, in which you can detail the issues and receive specialist help based on the nature of the problem you have. 

The help section has categories on topics such as ‘breakdown cover,’ ‘emergencies’ and ‘vehicle insurance,’ which allows them to narrow down the issue and arrange the appropriate help and advice needed. 

You can also report a breakdown online, call their helpline, or make a complaint and receive feedback. They also have specific email addresses you can use to contact a number of experts.

What AA UK breakdown cover offers can you get?

With Quidco, you can get cashback on your breakdown cover with regularly updated offers, such as saving 1/3 on breakdown cover ahead of the Jubilee weekend. You can also receive up to £160 cashback on your breakdown cover. Make sure to frequently check back to the website for updated deals and discounts.

Cashback rates

Depending on the price of policies, you can receive an amount ranging from £26 cashback for policies over £58, to £160 cashback on policies over £241. 

Similar cashback deals

You can get similar cashback deals on breakdown cover with companies like RAC UK, which enables you to get up to £160 cashback on deals like breakdown cover from £50, as well as cashback rates ranging from £25 to £160 on fully paid breakdown policies. 


How long will it take to get my cashback?

With AA UK breakdown cover cashback, it can take less than 9 months to receive your payment. 

Is cashback paid on VAT?

With Quidco, cashback is not paid on VAT.