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Quidco Compare illustration

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Why use this comparison site?

Compare is similar to other comparison sites. We help you compare prices to find the right insurance, energy, broadband and even Loan deals. So, whether it’s your first time comparing or you’re switching providers, we will show you our best prices.

So why use us? The difference between Compare and other comparison sites is that we give you cashback. Make a purchase either in insurance, energy, broadband or loans, we’ll track how much you’ve spent and then give you money back. It’s that easy, really.

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How does it work?


Compare rates and premiums from some of the UK’s most reputable insurance, energy, broadband and loans providers.


Select the deal that suits you. Complete your purchase via our link. We’ll do the rest.

Get paid

Once you’ve purchased your policy, simply wait for your cashback to roll in. It can take 8-10 weeks for the transaction to appear in your activity, and up to 120 days for payment.


Can I trust the prices on Compare?

You certainly can. The platform we use is completely impartial. We only show our best prices and rates, suited to you. We never favour one supplier over another.

How does Compare make money?

It’s a fair question. If you make a purchase in insurance, energy or broadband through us, the provider whom you bought it from gives us a commission. We then give most of that commission to you, the customer. That’s how the cashback works.

We make money by keeping a small percentage of that commission. So you get some money back on what you buy, and we can afford the Christmas party.

How is Compare different to normal Quidco?

The general premise is basically the same. You buy great products and services. And we give you cashback.

The difference is that with Compare, we’ll not only give you cashback, but we’ll find you the best deals, too.

How long does it take for my cashback to come through?

Once you’ve made a purchase, sit back and wait for your cashback to roll in. Please note that it can take 8-10 weeks for the transaction to appear in your Quidco account, and up to 12 months for your cashback to be paid. But most of the time, it is within 120 days.

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Useful information

Please note: by clicking the "Get a quote" button, you consent to your details being used by the comparison partner and insurance quote providers.

When using the Compare service, you must take reasonable care to answer insurers' questions fully and accurately and if you volunteer other information, you must take reasonable care to ensure that the information is not misleading. If any information that you have provided changes before you take out your insurance, during the life of the policy or at renewal you must inform the insurer or broker of the change. If you deliberately or carelessly misrepresent any information in relation to this insurance, then your policy may not pay all, or part, of a claim and could in certain circumstances be avoided altogether.