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Alan Wadkins is more than “just” a tool store
While Alan Wadkins does carry hundreds of power tools, hand tools, machinery, and accessories from dozens of top brands, there is more to the store than just tools. The company is known for its expert knowledge and excellent customer service.

Beyond tools and basic supplies for your company, trade, or latest DIY project, Alan Wadkins carries a full line of protective gear for craftspeople and their tools. It truly is a one-stop-shop for everything to get the job done safely and well while keeping your gear organized and ready to go for the next project. 

In addition to the warehouse, they have a complete workshop available to provide warranty repairs and service on-site. How many other companies and stores stand behind their warranties by having staff and a workshop ready and waiting for you when you need them? Talk about service you can trust!

Alan Wadkins tools are priced to sell
Another factor that sets Alan Wadkins apart from other tool stores is the fact that they belong to some of the largest buying groups in England, giving them the purchasing power to bring you competitive prices. It also means they can often obtain those hard-to-find items you won’t find elsewhere.

Alan Wadkins offers a broad range of tools to suit every need, from the occasional DIY repair to commercial construction crews and machine shops. They carry high-quality hand tools as well as lightweight cordless power tools, high power options, machinery, and personal protective equipment.

Find machines and hand tools to make your garden wow the neighbourhood
Those who prefer a bit of gardening to spending time in the workshop will appreciate Alan Wadkins’ selection of machines and hand tools for lawn and garden. Powerful but lightweight trimmers, blowers, and saws can make fast and easy work of a large property’s maintenance, but they are a bit much for more modest gardens. Alan Wadkins carries tools suited for both and everything in between.

You can find small hand trowels as well as rakes and trimmers suited to compact gardens and limited storage space. Full-sized rakes, spades, lopping shears, and hand saws are also easy to find for those with larger projects and more room to store their tools.

And you can bet they didn’t forget cleaning up or preparing for Murphy’s visits. You will find pressure washers, wet and dry vacuums, pumps, jacks, and space heaters to keep your home, shop, or business looking and feeling nice and performing at its best.

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