Animal Friends Pet Insurance Cashback & Offers

Up to £27.60 cashback

Animal Friends Pet Insurance Cashback & Offers

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Award-winning pet insurance, providing cover for dogs, cats, horses and riders

+ Up to £27.60 Cashback

Online cashback rates

£27.60 cashback

for a multiple pet policy

£23 cashback

for Horse policies

£13.80 cashback

for a single pet policy (Cat or Dog)

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More about Animal Friends Pet Insurance

Animal Friends is the one the top 10 pet insurance providers in the UK.

We provide high quality pet insurance for cats, dogs and horses as well as some great policy benefits such as cover for young and old pets, lifetime cover for conditions and we are the only pet insurer that donates large amounts from our own profits to animal welfare all over the world. That's why we call it feel good insurance.