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AnkerMake Cashback & Offers

Up to 5.6% cashback

AnkerMake Cashback & Offers

Voucher codes

If you use any voucher not advertised on Quidco, your purchase will not be eligible for cashback


Get £50 off the M5 3D printer with our code

+ 5.6% Cashback

| Expires in 20 hours

Online cashback rates

5.6% cashback

for purchases made using a Quidco voucher code

4% cashback

for all purchases

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More about AnkerMake

Ankermake is one of the leading 3D printing technologies for individual 3D printing creators.

It's famous M5 printer and Slicer app make 3D printing much faster and easier. The Ankermake PLA+ Filament and v6 colour engine gives you the full package of the 3D printing experience.