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Our most fundamental belief is in the potential of the specialty coffee model to redistribute opportunity based on merit rather than circumstance. That is that opportunity should be awarded equally.

We only source coffees that we believe to be exceptional in quality. Our range covers both espressos and filter coffee and includes coffees which exhibit clean and classic characteristics of coffee quality as well as more contemporary, exotic profiles which showcase farming innovation

We only promote coffees when we are certain that our trade and investments support sustainable outcomes.The coffees in our catalogue are purchased without intermediaries, with 100% transparency and at an average price of 215% above Fairtrade.


We’re a Certified Carbon Neutral coffee roastery. This measures, reduces and offsets emissions at the most granular level and at every stage of our supply chain. In addition we use 100% renewable energy sources and roast on Loring smart roasters producing 80% less emissions than other commercial coffee roasters.


The Roastery began in 2014 when likeminded London coffee professionals assembled to share experiences and ideas on how every element of a coffee roastery could be improved to promote shared industry goals. In this group were co-founders of Assembly, Michael Cleland and Nick Mabey, as well as owner operators from some of the most progressive coffee businesses in the UK.

Six months of planning and feedback later Assembly emerged with packaging, design, insight reports and a coffee catalogue that were directly informed by the group. In April 2015 Assembly officially opened as a roastery, sponsoring the inaugural Coffee Masters Competition at London Coffee Festival, and being served at cafes across the UK