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Autonet - Public Liability Insurance Cashback & Offers

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Autonet - Public Liability Insurance Cashback & Offers

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What is Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance (PLI) is a type of insurance that protects you in the event your business is held legally responsible for an injury to a member of the public or damages to their property. If you’re taken to court, having a PLI policy means your insurer will pay the legal costs on your behalf, up to a pre-agreed limit.
While Public Liability Insurance protects business owners from claims made by members of the public, it can also cover claims from contractors and clients. However, PLI does not extend to any injuries to business owners or employees.
What does Public Liability Insurance cover?

A typical Public Liability Insurance policy will cover your business for third-party injury or death, compensation claim payments, and potential repair or replacement costs for possessions or property that are damaged by your business's activity.
Who needs Public Liability Insurance?

Any business that works with customers or clients should invest in Public Liability Insurance. Even LTD companies and partnerships should have some form of PLI in place.
Below are some examples of how businesses can benefit from PLI:
Self-employed and sole traders

  •  Plumbers - Stay covered if a leak you’re trying to repair causes someone to slip.
  • Gardeners - Covers you if someone trips on stray tools.
  • Window cleaners - If someone is injured by an item you drop from a height, PLI will cover you.
  • Hairdressers - Stay covered if someone cuts themselves on a pair of scissors that are left exposed on a countertop.

Small businesses

  • Cafes - Scalds or burns from hot drinks and plates can be severe. Stay protected when someone makes an injury claim against you and your staff.
  • Shops - Trip hazards in doorways or heavy items not shelved correctly can cause injury to members of the public coming in and out of your shop.
  • Offices - Something as simple as loose carpeting can cause a visitor to slip and fall, so you need PLI to keep you covered.