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AW Cycles Cashback & Offers

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AW Cycles Cashback & Offers

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More about AW Cycles

AW Cycles has been providing Reading with bicycles, accessories, and repair services since 1994. You can find competitive prices on a variety of models that fill the AW Cycles two-floor showroom, ranging from amateur and leisure bikes to expert road or mountain bicycles. Experienced technicians staff their workshop for servicing and repairs, and they safety check each bike before you buy it.

AW Cycles electric bikes

The electric bikes that AW Cycles offers have a motor that assists with pedaling instead of the hub motor found in no-pedal bikes. Engaging the motor makes pedaling easier by providing power either through the bike’s gear sprocket or direct contact with the tyre, allowing a biker to pedal up hills or against the wind. These bikes are great choices for those who want to get into cycling but are unable to pedal well, such as older cyclists or those recovering from injuries.

Electric bikes are also a healthy option for commuting to and from work. Cycling to your workplace can boost serotonin and dopamine levels to improve your mood and combat workplace stress. Using an electric bike will give you just the right amount of exercise during your commute without needing to worry about too much sweat. 

AW Cycles offers eBikes that are road-legal on normal roads and bicycle paths and remain powered up to 25km/h by up to 250 watts. You can choose from well-known brands such as Haibike, Rocky Mountain Bikes, and Focus. Riders, who should be at least 14 years old, do not need to have a license or insurance.

AW Cycles bike fitting

To find the bicycle that perfectly fits you, AW Cycles offers a comprehensive nine-point biometric bike-fitting system. After booking a bike fitting, you will only have to wait around half an hour to determine the bike frame that suits you best within millimeters.

Come in wearing a sleeveless top and cycling shorts and with an idea of what pedals and shoes you want to use. AW Cycles will take your measurements to find the best make and model of bicycle for you with a frame size that complements your needs. 

AW Cycles also has a demo fleet of road, mountain, and hybrid bikes for you to try, as well as saddle fitting and seat adjustment services so you can make sure that your bicycle is comfortable to ride. For younger riders, the company offers smaller bikes with adjustable handlebar heights and saddle positions. You can easily alter these bikes with an Allen key or ask the AW Cycles team to do it for you.

AW Cycles cashback

After you find the bicycle that fits your riding style, you can purchase it and receive cashback through Quidco. We have our cashback links at the top of this page, so all you have to do is click “Get cashback” and choose your bike on the AW Cycles website. After you finalize your purchase, we will track and process your cashback so that we can send it for you to collect in your Quidco account.