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Helpful Information

Shopping Awesome Books

Awesome Books is an ethical retailer that Mubin and Taskeen Ahmed founded in 2004. The bookseller’s extensive catalogue features an incredible variety of book genres for you to choose from as well as competitive prices. Not only does this company resell previously unwanted books that people have donated to charities, but it uses the profit to empower people both in the U.K. and in developing countries through literacy.

Awesome Books reading

Thousands of book titles are available at Awesome Books alongside its selection of CDs, DVDs, and video games. Filters in the search engine allow you to find books by genre or author, so you will have no trouble finding a book that suits your interests. You can choose to buy brand new copies or find a bargain with used books in good condition—at worst, they suffer from dog-eared pages or highlighted sections.

They also have a selection of titles in a bargain bin that gains new books every day. For new releases, you have the choice of pre-ordering a copy or choosing from several fresh arrivals. Larger organizations can take advantage of bulk purchasing and wholesale purchases as well.

Awesome Books recycling

When they founded Awesome Books, Mubin and Taskeen Ahmed found waste bins full of books in charity shops, often in good condition. They started their business to give new life to older books and recycle them to save the environment, with the added benefit of offering them at more than 75% less than recommended retail price. 

To support their message of environmental sustainability, any books that cannot find a new home become recycled. So far, the Ahmeds have saved approximately 132 million books from landfills.

Awesome Books projects

Awesome Books aims to empower others through literacy by offering books at incredibly low prices—or donating them. It started its school literacy programme to combat budget cuts to school libraries in the U.K. and has provided over 100,000 books to schools worldwide.  Libraries also benefit from a diverse range of genres and authors through Awesome Books’ partnership network at prices as low as £1.99 per book. 

Their team also works to embed their support systems into the business model of the store itself. To raise customer awareness of the need to support literacy, Awesome Books donates a book for every book purchased through its website. The team also curates a rare and antiquarian division to preserve historically significant books found before previous owners threw them  away completely, such as a copy of the first complete publication of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Hound of the Baskervilles.”

When the store first started to become profitable, the co-founders began donating to the same charities from which they initially found their books. Awesome Books has donated more than £5 million to charities such as Oxfam and Cancer Research U.K.

Awesome Books cashback

After purchasing a recycled book and contributing to one of Awesome Books’ global literacy projects, you can feel even better about your purchase when you receive your cashback through Quidco. At the top of our page, you will find several cashback links with deals for Awesome Books.

Clicking on 'Get cashback' will direct you to the Awesome Books website to purchase your books and, after we finish the tracking and processing, allow you to receive your cashback in your Quidco account.