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Last updated Jan. 18, 2021



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Helpful Information

Shopping Axminster Tools

When you need tools and accessories, you will find that Axminster Tools and Machinery has everything you need. Whether you’re a hobbyist or looking to manage your business, there are several interesting and fun tools for you to check out. You might even earn cashback when making your purchases.

Axminster pillar drill

The pillar drill is one of the best tools for drilling holes in large objects. Simply lay your material across the table, and the pillar drill will plunge through it easily. You can purchase a wide range of drill bits for this drill, and it works on everything, including metal.

Axminster power tools

Power tools are the handyman’s favourite. You can purchase handheld drills, sanders, and even screwdrivers. There are routers, biscuit jointers, angle grinders, vacuums, power planers, and multi-tools. With brands like Bosch, Makita, Festool, DeWALT, and Mirka, there’s an option for everyone.

Axminster lathe

A lathe is a special tool that allows you to complete woodworking jobs and shape metal rods in any way you like. The lathe is perfect for building furniture, or you might use it for a piece of artwork you’re completing for a friend. These tools are very powerful, and they come to you at competitive prices when you shop with Axminster.

Axminster table saw

A table saw is indispensable when you are working with large planks of wood or need to shave down wooden beams. Although the table saw takes up a lot of space, it’s easy to use and typically comes with a guide for safety. You can choose from a few different sizes, and you have the same wide range of brands, from Bosch and DeWALT to Sedgwick, Proxxon, and, of course, Axminster.

Axminster skill centre

The Axminster skill centre is a place where you can learn new skills or brush up on skills you might have forgotten. You will learn to use all your favourite tools here, and it’s easy to reference the skill centre while working on a project. There’s plenty of information here for novices as well that explains how to complete the simplest of projects.

Get Axminster Tools cashback

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When it’s time to get your cashback, head over to the Quidco cashback page or search the site to find Axminster Tools. You can see the rates that you will get for your cashback, and you might even stumble upon special discounts that you weren’t aware of before. Be sure to avoid using any other discounts, as that might cause your cashback bonus to be denied. 

Click on the link with Quidco, go to Axminster Tools, shop, and get your cashback. If you need to check out later, make sure that you come back to the cashback site first, click the link, and proceed from there.