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Baked to Taste Cashback & Offers

Up to 9.6% cashback

Baked to Taste Cashback & Offers

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10% off when you spend £40 or more

+ Up to 9.6% Cashback

Online cashback rates

9.6% cashback

for genuine new customer purchases

4.8% cashback

for all other purchases

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More about Baked to Taste

Baked to Taste's ethos is simply summed up in their motto 'Tasty, Remarkable, Trusted':

Tasty – Baked to Taste is part of the Chunk of Devon group of companies, with nearly 20 years of conjuring up ‘gluten-full products’ and over 270 awards.

Remarkable – They strive for gluten-free products that are remarkable and indistinguishable from gluten-full.

Trusted – Baked to Taste is SALSA accredited, ensuring their facility is completely free of gluten and wheat contaminants. Gluten and wheat-free is all they do.