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Barker and Stonehouse has been furnishing the homes of Britain for nearly 80 years. From the functional fashion of the 1940s to contemporary creativity, they’ve been there through it all.

Barker and Stonehouse has furniture and furnishings for every room in your house and garden. Peruse items by room, furniture type, brand or using the style catalogue. Showrooms display the balance and tranquillity that can be created using items from the ‘Earthy escape’ range, or the fun and frivolity of a ‘Glam boutique’ style room.

Barker and Stonehouse is invested in British craftsmanship, family business values, and environmentally friendly production and trade. From their iconic ‘living walls’ to the creation of the Trees4trees reforestation campaign, Barker and Stonehouse have pioneered the use of sustainable crafts, the upcycling of old materials and the recycling of product packaging in order to create an eco-friendly furniture business, according to their slogan ‘Any colour as long as it’s green’.

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Get Barker and Stonehouse cashback on the comfiest chairs, trendiest tables, and bounciest beds by ordering through Quidco today. Just click on the ‘Get cashback’ link at the top of the page, and you’ll be directed to the Barker and Stonehouse site. Select your items and confirm your purchase. Once that’s done, we’ll get to work tracking and processing your cashback before sending it into your Quidco account.

Combine cashback with the Barker and Stonehouse outlet

There are a few ways to save money at Barker and Stonehouse, such as physical outlet showrooms or heading to one of the brick and mortar stores. But we’re only really interested in the Barker and Stonehouse online sale, as that’s where you can earn Quidco cashback and save even more.

In the Barker and Stonehouse online outlet, you’ll find generous bargains. There are end-of-the-line items that go for absolute steals and bulk-buy opportunities where you can save a bucket load. Whether you’re after dining chairs, bedroom stuff, sofas or general household knick-knacks, you’ll find prices cut by up to 50%. Be sure to shop the Barker and Stonehouse outlet via Quidco so you can earn cashback on top of the sale.

Save even more with Barker and Stonehouse discount codes and voucher codes

Using Quidco cashback is a superb way to make your Barker and Stonehouse shopping experience better value. But it’s not the only way. Here at Quidco, we often offer Barker and Stonehouse discount codes and voucher codes, too. 

These work a little differently to cashback. Instead of you buying items and us sending you money back, discount codes work by cutting the price of your overall purchase immediately at the checkout. Guess what? You can can use Quidco cashback at the same time as our discount codes, meaning you can essentially save double.

Here’s how to use them. See if we have any Barker and Stonehouse voucher codes at the top of this page. Find one and click ‘Reveal code’. Copy the coupon that is shown before you. Head to the Barker and Stonehouse website (via the ‘Shop now’ button, so your cashback is tracked, too). When you’re on the site, choose the items that discount code applies to and pop them in your shopping cart.  When you’re at the checkout page, redeem your voucher and you’ll see the price of your items fall.

Quidco it at Barker and Stonehouse

You can save money while furnishing your home with the most stylish items on offer by purchasing through Quidco. Next time you’re relaxing at home, ask yourself whether your house is a Barker and Stonehouse.