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Betfair Sportsbook

About Betfair Sportsbook

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Last updated May. 6, 2023
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    Helpful Information

    Shopping Betfair Sportsbook

    Betfair is infamous as a top trusted betting destination, with regular offers and deals to help make betting fun. With a huge range of games to bet on, from football and rugby to virtual sports and casinos, there’s a game for everyone. 

    Betfair customers can play hundreds of casino games, sportsbook and poker. There’s an unbeatable feeling that comes with winning a bet with Betfair. And with regular promotions, you know you can enjoy reaping the rewards of everything from free spins on top casino games to generous match bonuses.

    Gambling with Betfair is novel and exciting because the stakes are set between you and other punters, so you’re up against other real people rather than the house.

    Betfair betting

    Betfair betting is the place where sports fans can go to learn more about the odds and keep up with the latest information on football, horse racing, cricket and more. Readers can get the upper hand in the betting world by taking into the deep dive into the sports news. Even you don’t want to place a bet, it still provides invaluable information, such as horse racing results and stats.

    If you’re not a big sports fan but you still want to place a bet, Betfair betting also has odds and tips on political events. Here, you’ll find odds, news and tips on huge global matters such as the US presidential election and more.

    Betfair poker

    Fancy yourself a bit of a Casino Royale type? Now you can be James Bond from home with Betfair online poker. The great thing about this is that you’re playing actual people, not a computer, so you can put your bluffing skills to the test in real life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned poker expert or you’re just getting into the game, you’ll find table-limits and buy-ins that suit different skills and intentions.

    Betfair app

    Now you can take the joy of the flutter with you with the Betfair app. The Betfair app focuses on the sportsbook part of gambling brand and allows punters to make sports bets on the go. Whatever you’re in to, whether it be football, horse racing, boxing, golf, you’ll be able to place bets on essentially any sport. 

    The Betfair app comes with added features such as in-play betting, which is great when, say, you’re watching the football in the pub and have a sudden urge to place a bet. Plus, there’s Same Game Multi, which allows you to place several smaller bets in different markets under one larger bet, allowing you to win big.

    Get Betfair cashback

    Make the most of your betting with Betfair cashback from Quidco. Earning cashback is easy. All you have to do is click ‘Get cashback’, and you will be directed to the Betfair website. Once you’re there, deposit a wager and start playing. We’ll track and process your purchase before delivering it into your Quidco account.

    Quidco it at Betfair

    With tonnes of games online and on your mobile, there’s no better time to set-up a Betfair account and start playing. Remember, gamble responsibly.