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More about BOXT

For years it was impossible to buy a boiler without a visit from a salesperson first.




A salesperson would spend hours with you, taking down a few pieces of basic information, having a cup of tea and deciding which boiler you're going to get – and how much it will cost you.


Our founders Mel and Alan wanted to change that. That's why they created BOXT. No sales patter and no delays.


We ask for 5 minutes of your time to answer a few questions online. Then, we instantly recommend the boilers that fit your home. So you can compare prices to choose the boiler you want. All in one go.

One of our Gas Safe installers picks up the job from there. That's the reason we can install your new boiler within 24 hours.


Without an army of salespeople to pay, we can offer you a great deal on the same A-rated boilers, too.

So you can get back to normal. Faster. For a fairer price.