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British Gas Energy Cashback & Offers

Up to £85 cashback

British Gas Energy Cashback & Offers

Online offers & promotions

Protect your energy prices with fixed energy tariffs

+ Up to £85 Cashback

| Expires in a day

Online cashback rates

£85 cashback

for Green Future Nov 2021v3 - new customers only

£85 cashback

for Energy with Boiler Cover Dec v3 2021 - new customers only

£35 cashback

for HomeEnergy Fix Nov 2021v3 - new customers only

£35 cashback

for Electric Drives Nov 2021 - new customers only

£35 cashback

for other Dual Fuel tariffs - new customers only

£25 cashback

for Single Fuel tariffs - new customers only

£20 cashback

for new customers purchasing the Safeguard PAYG – Dual Fuel Tariff

£10 cashback

for new customers purchasing the Safeguard PAYG – Single Fuel Tariff

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More about British Gas Energy

Whether you’re using a convection oven to make a delicious dinner, a stove powered by liquefied petroleum gas to cook your family’s lunch, or an efficient electric car on your way to work, British Gas is there with you. British Gas is the public namesake of the British Gas New Heating Limited and British Gas Services Limited, two subsidiaries of a multinational energy company called Centrica. They are one of the largest suppliers of gas, general energy, and home services to all of Britain.

Getting a British Gas energy quotes

British Gas is one of the six major energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. They provide electricity, natural gas, and petroleum to over 12 million homes in Great Britain through pipes that are owned and managed by third-party companies.

British Gas Energy sales on energy prices and equipment are available almost all year-round for residential and commercial customers. If you’re a British Gas’ new customer, you might want to check out their available discount programs. British Gas energy deals are commonplace, and you shouldn’t have to look hard to find one.

What is British Gas Energy Extra?

British Gas Energy Extra is an insurance plan that covers appliances and installations in your home. More than an energy provider, British Gas is also a home service company. There are several plans under the Energy Extra banner:

  • British Gas Energy Extra 50 covers plumbing and drain repair, electrics repair, and central heating repair, with a same or next day guaranteed response
  • British Gas Energy Extra 200 Flexi covers heating systems and gives you annual service schedules with a next day guaranteed repair if you have no hot water
  • British Gas Energy Extra 200 covers the same apparatus that the 200 Flexi covers without a fixed fee per completed central heating system repair and makes you eligible for an Energy Extra discount
  • British Gas Energy Extra 400 covers your plumbing and drainages, home electrics, internal gas pipes, and your heating system, with a next-day guaranteed response for most of the things it covers
  • Look out for new British Gas Energy offers as they are fond of bundling in discounted insurance plans when you make them your power provider.

How to install British Gas energy monitor

A smart energy monitor lets you know how much gas and electricity you’re using and how much you’ll need to pay for it. Connect the provided mains adapter to your monitor or insert three non-rechargeable AA batteries in its battery slot. Your monitor will then automatically connect with your meters wirelessly when it’s switched on.

Place the monitor at a prominent area where you can check how much energy you’re consuming at a glance. Keep it out of moisture and direct sunlight.

Get British Energy cashback

Paying for power is a fact of life, but these new energy-saving and monitoring gadgets can cost a lot even if they save you money in the long run. You can get cashback from your purchases of power products from British Energy when you shop with Quidco.

Go to the Quidco website and click the 'Get cashback' at the top part of the webpage. It will direct you to the British Energy website where you can buy a new item or pay for a service. We will track your purchase, and your cashback should appear in your Quidco account in a short while.

While British Gas is a great supplier to use for energy, it’s not the only one out there. As you’ll know, when switching energy supplier, it’s best to shop around before to find the best deal. Quidco Compare, our very own comparison tool, finds you the best value gas, electric and dual fuel quotes on the market. And if that doesn’t wet your appetite enough, we’ll give you up to £40 when you switch. You’re saving money, you’re making money.