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Save money whilst shopping with Broadband Genie cashback and deals! Simply click get cashback, shop as normal and earn rewards in your Quidco account.
£24 cashback
for all Home Broadband purchases
£24 cashback
for all Home Broadband purchases
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Last updated Apr. 22, 2021



£24 cashback

for all Home Broadband purchases

offers with cashback


£24 cashback

Shop at Broadband Genie and earn £30 cashback

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When will I get my cashback?

  • Purchase
  • Tracked in
    <Less than 24 hours
  • Pays within
    10 months

Cashback do's and don'ts


  • Cashback can be earned simply by clicking through to the merchant and shopping as normal
  • Cashback is available on genuine, tracked purchases completed immediately and wholly online
  • Purchases at this merchant should appear as pending within 24 hours. They will remain at this status until the merchant confirms the purchase is eligible for cashback. Once this happens your purchase will reach the ‘confirmed’ status on your account
  • Most transactions from merchants track successfully, occasionally a transaction may not get reported. If you believe this to be the case, please submit a "Missing Cashback" claim within 45 days of the transaction.
  • Cashback may initially track at a lower or higher rate and update to the correct rate on confirmation
  • Cashback is not issued by the merchant. If you have any queries regarding cashback or payments, please contact Quidco Customer Support directly and not the merchant
  • Even though we do our best to keep the information on this page up to date, it may be out of date from time to time.
  • Cashback will only track if the merchant can track your purchase to us. This means that you must click the 'Get Cashback link', go straight through to the merchant website and make the purchase in the same session without exiting your internet browser
  • The merchant reserves all rights to take action (including legal action) as is considered necessary in its sole discretion in order to prevent or redress any fraudulent or otherwise unlawful use of their website
  • The cashback offered is only available as shown at the time and the merchant reserves the right to withdraw their offering at any time
  • Cashback rates are subject to change and may increase or decrease at any time


  • If your purchase is not fully completed online
  • If you participate in any other offer/ promotion that is not covered in the retailer Cashback rates

Helpful Information

Shopping Broadband Genie

Browse Broadband Genie to compare the best UK home and mobile broadband, landline, and TV services. A popular comparison website where you can analyse different services and suppliers, it’s an excellent way to choose a provider that matches your needs and budget. 

Broadband Genie is free of charge, and as a secure platform, there is no need to disclose your personal information to use this service. It is designed by a team of broadband experts with in-depth knowledge about the industry and consistent updating of the best UK deals. 

How does Broadband Genie work?

In the UK, broadband prices fluctuate daily, so check regularly to see if a better offer has become available before committing to a purchase. At Broadband Genie, you can save on broadband deals and other services with the latest promotions from the local providers. 

Every household has different needs, and what’s best for you, might not be an option for you neighbour. Broadband Genie’s mission is to accommodate this variety of requirements, which is why its website features the “Deal of the Month” (based on speed, contract length, setup fee, and cost per month). 

If you disagree with Broadband Genie’s suggestion, it is simple to select a provider of your choice instead. Almost all Broadband offers include gifts or extra benefits, like prepaid credit cards and shopping vouchers. Vodafone, for example, offers a Broadband Genie Amazon gift card with each 24-month contract. 

Broadband Genie speed test

If you suspect your broadband is slower than usual, why not use the Broadband Genie’s speed test to your advantage? It’s a great resource, and it is free.

As with similar services, the Broadband Genie speed test measures the data sent as a fraction of the test duration. It uses this to calculate the ping, upload, and download speeds on your connection. The tool provides accurate numbers for any broadband connection, and you can use your postcode to look for better deals with a faster internet connection.

Broadband Genie claim reward 

Broadband Genie provides special offers and broadband promotions with rewards. Broadband providers issue these incentives, and you should contact them directly for additional information. 

Claim your Broadband Genie awards by activating a particular package or service and let the provider take care of the rest. If you don’t claim your reward within the specified period, you may miss out on your gift, so check the status of your reward using Broadband Genie’s voucher tracker tool. 

Get Broadband Genie cashback

Save even more by checking the Quidco page for new Broadband Genie discount codes or cashback offers.  To get your cashback, head to the links at the top of this page and click ‘Get cashback’. This will take you to the Broadband Genie website, where you can compare deals and take out a broadband subscription. Once that’s all done, we’ll track and process your cashback before sending the money into your Quidco account.

While Broadband Genie is a superb site to compare internet and phone line deals, it’s not the only one out there. In fact, we have our very own comparison tool here at Quidco. Along with insurance and energy, Compare helps you find a fantastic broadband deal. If that weren’t enough, we’ll also give you up £171 cashback when you take out a broadband deal.

Broadband Genie on Quidco

Broadband Genie’s platform is designed to help homeowners and businesses find the best service and broadband deals with minimum effort. The website is updated and easy to navigate, comparing the latest offers on your internet connections, mobile devices, tablets, and televisions.

Grab some Broadband Genie promo codes on Quidco and head to the website to save on your next broadband deal.