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CarGuide Cashback & Offers

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CarGuide Cashback & Offers

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While most car sites offer free checks to start, these are very basic and won’t give you the information you really need. On top of that, if they do offer more comprehensive checks, they’ll charge you per vehicle or a number of vehicles.

We are different in that we don’t offer basic checks. Even with our free account you get more information than anywhere else.

With our 30 days access you get a lot of information on as many vehicles as you need, all for just £10.99. On top of that you also get 2 buyer’s guides completely free and any additional ones at a discounted rate.

A car buying company that’s on your side. Helping you to get the best deal for your money.

Monthly access, with unlimited checks which include data such as outstanding safety recalls, imported/exported, last keeper change, plate transfer, colour change and more! Get the best deal for your money by buying like a pro!

Compare as many vehicles as you like. With Car Guide you can add vehicles from different sites, making it easier to see your shortlisted vehicles in one place.

What’s more, data such as: safety recalls, imported/exported, last keeper change, plate transfers, colour change and more is available for unlimited number of cars just for £10.99 with 30 days access!

Our personalised guide will show whether the vehicle was well maintained and will highlight anything you should be checking with the seller. It will list specific questions to ask the seller depending on the car’s history – Helping you to buy like a pro! On top of the usual data such as outstanding finance and stolen/scrapped status you will also get service and repairs schedules.