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Clearance XL Cashback & Offers

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With the cost of living crisis set to bite harder over the next few months with rising food, fuel and living costs impending, the search for cheaper grocery and shopping options will be at an all time high with the majority of UK households looking to combat this with solutions online, some of which may not be abundantly obvious to them. If we told you that some of our regular customers said they hadn’t been affected by the cost of living crisis , with one customer answering "What Crisis?" would you believe us/them? Well in a recent customer survey (July 2022), they did, and amongst the smart and savvy ways to save money we were seen and proven to be not only an effective solution to the current cost of living crisis, but also have a proven history of helping our regular (and original) customers since the Great Recession in 2008/2009 where our roots for online retailing of surplus stock either, in, out and short dated "best before products" originate from.

Never heard of us? We're not surprised! We are probably the UK's best kept secret for clearance food, drink and much more online, having grown organically as a business over the past 12 years, we haven’t had the exposure that we are ready for to take the company to the next level. That’s why we are inviting affiliates to take this opportunity now and join us in what is anticipated to be an exponential growth period where demand for genuine cheaper groceries online, in particular for genuinely low price clearance foods, will be at a high and the affiliates who can raise awareness about us as an established (and original) brand that advocates and promotes saving and reducing food waste along with buying clearance surplus foods online can benefit from our program commission. This can be acheived if they can reach out to these households effectively and offer them a lifeline and solution from a company that boasts regular customers that are currently combating the crisis along with new customers that are slowly, but surely seeing a difference by shopping with us.