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More about Commodity

The fragrance isn’t one-scent-fits-all. Commodity relaunches in 2021 with a breakthrough concept aimed to make fragrance even more intuitive: Scent Space. Each Commodity fragrance is available in three Scent Space projections— Personal, Expressive, Bold—so that you can select your fragrance and its projection. Find your favourite or collect them all, Commodity’s line of Modern, American perfumes has you covered for every preference and occasion.

Our Expressive Collection

We began with a collection of fragrances that many consider to be the perfect balance of longevity and strength. The Expressive collection contains all the fan-favorites exactly as they were originally created. These fragrances are ideal for making a statement without overpowering any space – to be noticed by you and the many around you.

Our Personal Collection

We noticed some people wanted lighter renditions of the fan-favorites. The Personal Collection embodies the concept of ‘less is more’. These are ideal if you prefer a subtle, personal, skin scent to be noticed only by you and the few you allow close. With only a trace of the original scent, these soft fragrances lay close to your skin thanks to the infusion of ethereal, molecular notes like Skin Musk and Iso-E-Super. No need to worry about imposing your scent on others.

Our Bold Collection

In contrast, we noticed some people wanted stronger renditions of the fan-favorites. As the name suggests, the Bold Collection contains maximalist renditions of our fan-favorites. Infused with darker, richer, exotic notes, there is no modesty when it comes to these scents. Ideal if you intend on making your presence known, these are for you and everyone else.