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How do I get a cheap broadband deal?

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Why use this comparison site?

Like other comparison sites, we help you save on your broadband bill.

Unlike other comparison sites, we give you cashback when you take out a quote. This way, you can make money while you save money.

What type of broadband should I get?

There are a few different types of broadband available. Think about what you need your broadband for, whether it’s just for home, your office or for on the move.

Home broadband

This is what most people get. As the name suggests, it’s broadband for your home. You can choose a bundle option, which will include internet, landline and digital TV.

Or you can just opt for an internet connection. You’ll have the option to choose between internet speeds. If there are several people in your home using the internet heavily and frequently (for example, streaming entertainment of gaming), then a superfast (or even ultrafast) broadband speed could be the option for you.

If there’s just you or one other person in your home, and you have a light internet usage (for example, surfing the web and using email), then a standard ADSL broadband might be your best bet.

Usually, the faster the internet, the more expensive it will be.

Mobile broadband

Mobile broadband differs from home broadband because you can take it around with you. Much like how data works on your phone, mobile broadband uses 3G and 4G services. It can be great for you if you’re always on the move (perhaps you travel for work), you need temporary broadband, or you live somewhere with a bad residential broadband connection.


What broadband speed do I need for Netflix and other streaming services?

Many people are turning away from traditional television and using more streaming services. A solid fibre broadband speed of over 1.5 Mbps should see you through using streaming services.

However, it also depends on what streaming service you wish to use, how many people in your home at the same time, and how much HD you want when you’re streaming. For example, streaming standard-definition Netflix requires 3Mbps. But streaming Netflix in HD requires 5Mbps.

What broadband do I need for gaming?

Gaming requires a decent broadband speed. This is especially true if you, or somebody in your house, plays online multiplayer games.

So, if you want to play Call of Duty with your friends in places as far away as Vietnam, you’re going to need an internet speed of at least 3Mbps. Therefore, a fibre broadband connection will be the right choice for you. A standard ADSL connection will unlikely cut it.

How long does a broadband contract last?

The usual residential broadband lasts for 12 to 18 months. When these contracts are over, we recommend using Compare to shop around for a better deal (and get cashback). 

Different types of broadband contracts last for different amounts of time. For example, a home broadband contract will usually last for a year whereas a mobile broadband contract can be much shorter term.