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More about Crosshatch

Since those early days we've grown year-on-year and can now be found on every major UK High Street, across European shopping malls and even distributed across the Southern Hemisphere – from Jo’burg to Sydney!

Crosshatch prides itself in keeping close to its roots as well as the values and experiences of its core consumers - patrons of Manchester’s world-famous club, rock and dance scenes. In fact, our home's vibrant youth culture has continually informed and influenced our output as it has grown in size and reputation over the years. As testament to this, our head office and showrooms remain in the heart of the city - where the team still likes to work hard and play hard!

The Crosshatch customer wants originality, casual style, value for money & authenticity and get all of these things and more each time they return. Our growth around the world speaks for itself – we deliver exactly what we say we're capable of delivering. 

Crosshatch garments are exceptional; encompassing innovative attention to detail, bold colour palettes and cutting-edge slogans in order to distinguish themselves within the hazy and oversaturated backdrop of modern menswear. 

Over the years we have of course attracted many imitators, all trying to ride on the back of our success. Though flattered, we've always prioritised our ability to remain at the head of the pack - a feat we achieve time and time again by staying true to our unique brand ethos at each step of our process. 

Crosshatch is a brand with sheer enjoyment at its core. We enjoy creating it – our customers enjoy wearing it. The future for Crosshatch is brighter than ever – we maintain our 15-20% year-on-year growth globally and look forward to welcoming new customers to the brand each and every day.