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Currys Business Cashback & Offers

Up to 2% cashback

Currys Business Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

2% cashback

for Laundry purchases

2% cashback

for Refrigeration purchases

2% cashback

for Cooking purchases

2% cashback

for dishwasher purchases

1.6% cashback

for Windows laptop purchases

0.8% cashback

for all other purchases (excluding mobile phones and contracts)

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More about Currys Business

Currys Business is a part of the Currys conglomerate, one of the largest specialized retailers in electrical and telecommunication products in the UK. Currys provides expert advice and service, helping businesses of all sizes find the right equipment and products for their needs. 

With more than 30,000 products available, Currys Business has one of the most comprehensive selections nationwide. You can find Currys business products in specialized business centres and Currys stores across the UK and in Currys online store. 

Great deals on Currys Business laptops and computers

Currys has a great selection of laptops and desktops from all the major brands such as Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and more. Whether you need a Windows PC with all the bells and whistles or are eyeing a new Apple laptop for creative work, you will find it at Curry Business. 

Currys offers additional savings in the Upgrade Your Workplace program. It is a trade-in program where you can receive up to £180 in cash for trading in your old desktop. On top of that, any new business technology products you purchase will come with free delivery in the UK. 

Also, make sure that you visit the Top Picks section in Currys online store for the latest deals and promotions on individual products.

Currys ShopLive Expert Advice and Price Promise

If you are looking for business technology products but are unsure which brands and models are optimal for your needs, you can always take advantage of the ShopLive Expert Advice for Currys business computers. A video call with Currys expert will quickly point you in the right direction and help you decide what to buy. 

If you are on a tight budget, make sure to take advantage of Currys Price Promise. If you find any of Currys products cheaper at another retailer, they will match the price. On top of that, Currys business finance promotions can help you set up a payment plan for the equipment that you need. 

Finally, Currys business delivery is available free of charge to all customers who purchase products worth £99 or more, excluding VAT.

Get Currys Business cashback

Cashback deals are an excellent way to get additional savings and more value from your purchases at various retailers. Quidco partners with multiple retailers to provide cashback promotions that you can take advantage of. Currys is one of our partners, so here is a short guide on how to get the cashback promotion from Quidco.

Make sure to log into your Quidco account on the Currys Cashback offer page. Click the Get Cashback button. Quidco will redirect you to Currys online store, where you can make your purchases. We recommend checking out some fantastic deals on Currys business laptops. Currys also has great trade-in programs if you would like to get rid of any old equipment.

Quidco verifies and tracks all of your purchases at Currys and deposits the promised cashback into your Quidco account.