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Cuvva Cashback & Offers

£8 cashback

Cuvva Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

£8 cashback

for a new customers successful temporary insurance policy

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More about Cuvva

Radically better insurance: Hassle-free car insurance that's seriously flexible and fast. From an hour to monthly. Join over 400,000 drivers who choose Cuvva.

Get car insurance on your phone in minutes, that is -  

Flexible - Always on to just an hour - get insured for as long as you need. 

Fair - Insurance built by people means fair policies and no hidden fees, ever.

Fit for the future - Insurance adapted around you and the future. 

Cuvva is also proud to be - 

- 1st hourly insurance provider via an app in the UK.

- Most downloaded insurance app in the UK

- We sell around 5% of all car insurance policies sold in the UK, monthly.