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About Door Superstore

Door Superstore brings you a vast range of doors for internal and external installation. Homeowners, landlords, and tradespeople will find a selection of bedroom doors, folding doors, fire-rated doors, and all the hinges, locks, handles and fixings.

1.6% cashback
for all purchases
1.6% cashback
for all purchases
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Last updated Oct. 22, 2020



1.6% cashback

for all purchases

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1.6% cashback

Shop at Door Superstore and earn 2% cashback

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Helpful Information

Shopping Door Superstore

Door Superstore is an online speciality retailer in the U.K. that specialises in doors and accessories for the construction industries, DIY enthusiasts, and hobbyists. Door Superstore is a part of the large conglomerate CMO Stores, the largest online retailer of construction industry supplies and materials in the U.K. 

CMO Stores (previously known as Construction Materials Online) started as a brick-and-mortar business until the changes in the market forced the company to pivot to a more competitive, online strategy. The company’s mission is to provide top-of-the-line customer service and deliver high-quality construction materials and supplies right where customers need it. 

Besides Door Superstore, CMO Stores have other subsidiaries, such as Drainage Superstore, Insulation Superstore, Roofing Superstore, and Tile & Floor Superstore. Each of the subsidiaries has a separate online store. 

Find great deals and promotions, including Door Superstore free delivery

As an online retailer, Door Superstore cuts out the middlemen and delivers building materials and accessories directly to you. This home delivery enables them to manage their inventory efficiently and negotiate prices with their leading suppliers. In turn, the company can pass on its excellent value to customers in the form of lower prices. 

Additionally, Door Superstore offers frequent promotions, such as free delivery on all XL joinery doors orders above £1,250, that provide additional value to customers. Since Door Superstore is in direct contact with the manufacturers, products that need customisation are always available at the lowest price. 

Make additional savings with CMO Trade account

One of the best ways to save money and time at CMO Stores is using a CMO Trade account. The CMO Trade account mainly targets high-volume customers such as building contractors and professionals but is available to all qualifying customers. It offers numerous advantages to regular shopping, such as a cash or credit account, exclusive discounts for CMO Trade account holders, and a 2% rebate on all purchases.

By signing up for a CMO Trade account, customers will have access to one of the largest ranges of building supplies globally and can quickly look for products available across all speciality stores such as Door Superstore, Drainage Superstore, Roofing Superstore, etc. On top of that, the prices will come directly from manufacturers for additional savings. 

Finally, as a CMO Trade account holder, if you are in doubt about what to purchase, you can receive free advice from specialists and experts. They can guide you in choosing the right materials and accessories and help you manage the deliveries to ensure that everything arrives on time. 

Get Door Superstore cashback

If discounts and savings are your passion, then you will love the Door Superstore Cashback offer. Quidco is partnering with the Door Superstore to offer a cashback promotion to loyal customers who shop at the Door Superstore using the Quidco platform. 

Signing up for the cashback promotion is easy and straightforward. Make sure you log into your Quidco account on the Door Superstore Quidco page. Click on the ‘Get cashback’ button located near the top of the page. Quidco will redirect your request to the Door Superstore online store. Complete your shopping there, and pay for it using one of the select payment methods. 

Quidco will validate and track all the purchases you make. After this process is complete, Quidco will deposit the promised cashback into your Quidco account.