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EE Home Broadband

Last updated Mar. 4, 2024
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    Shopping EE Home Broadband

    EE’s offers are subject to mid-contract price increases. Increases on the 31st March 2025 by CPI +3.9%

    Do you need an internet connection but don’t want to add a landline? EE has got you covered. You can avoid the hassle of adding a landline because EE offers fibre broadbands that are fast enough for the whole family.

    EE is a fibre broadband leader. In 2012 they set a precedent in the UK by launching EE 4G Home Broadband, followed by EE 5G Home Broadband in 2019.

    The EE company prides itself in keeping up with the ever-changing technology demands of today’s world, continuing to innovate and raise the bar when it comes to residential internet. Their customer service representatives are readily available to you online and in over 600 shops across the UK. They also offer exclusive vouchers and cashback opportunities for their customers that are updated daily.

    EE Home Broadband, TV and phone

    EE is home to many unique products to help fill your needs. Be it an EE home mobile broadband connection, an EE home phone and broadband bundle, or just an EE home broadband router, they’ve got what you need.

    Because not all situations are the same, EE always tries to stay one step ahead of anything their customers may need. They also have the EE broadband “moving home” option, which saves time when you’re moving. All you need to do is log in to your account, let them know your planned move-in date, and take your router with you.

    EE home broadband deals can help incentivise your final decision. EE will do their best to keep your current rate when you move and will price your package competitively. High-quality products for great prices can be found on the EE’s official website.

    EE also offers a variety of brands, including Apple. They have Apple TVs, phones, and Apple Arcade. The company also has the Samsung Galaxy, the Google Pixel, and more!

    EE home broadband deals

    EE’s home broadband deals are out of this world. Although their deals change often, they will almost always have a promotion going on. Whether it’s a free Samsung Galaxy Watch Active or a percentage off a hot new item, you won’t find a better deal elsewhere.

    They also have some EE home broadband and mobile deals that you definitely won’t want to miss. EE offers such a wide range of products that your next deal is just a click away. 

    While EE Broadband is highly popular amongst its customers, it’s not the only broadband provider out there. In fact, depending on where you live, EE may not be able to get broadband to your address. So, if you’re in need of another provider, why not use our comparison tool to find the best deal for you?

    Quidco Compare finds you cheap, high-quality broadband quotes from top providers, helping you get fast internet and great bundles for less. To top it all off, we’ll give you £171 cashback when you take out broadband. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

    Get EE cashback

    Earning cashback has never been so simple. Head to the cashback links at the top of this page. Click ‘Get cashback’ and this will take you to the EE website where you can shop as you normally would. Once you’ve subscribed to a broadband package, we’ll track and process your cashback. Before too long, you’ll have the money in your Quidco account, ready for withdrawal.