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About EE Mobile Contracts

EE gives its customers the biggest 4G coverage in the UK, meaning they’ll get to experience superfast speeds wherever they are and a connection they can rely on. Plus, not only do they get to benefit from the UK’s biggest 4G coverage but get to enjoy some great perks with a plan on the best network running for five years.

Last updated Oct. 26, 2022
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    Why shop with EE?

    Music on the move with free Apple Music

    EE customers can get access to six free months of Apple Music on EE, with data included to stream it on-the-go. All you have to do is log in to My EE or just text MUSIC to 150 from your phone.

    Share with Data Gifting 

    If there’s always someone running out of data in the house, then you can add members of your family to your account and dish out any spare data to whoever needs it. All you need is two or more plans on your EE account.

    Call and text wherever with WiFi Calling

    EE customers can make calls and send texts as usual, even on the London Underground, with everything coming out of your monthly plan allowance. You just need to make sure you’re using an iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows phone from EE and have WiFi calling activated.

    Have control with Data Caps 

    It’s easier than ever to stay in control of your spending with alerts to tell you when you're near the end of your allowance – so no more nasty surprises. Surf and stream more with a Data Boost

    If you take out another eligible pay monthly phone, 12-month SIM only or broadband plan, you can get up to an extra 20GB of data every month.

    24/7 support 

    You can find a variety of guides and FAQs by EE experts in the Help section, and share tips with other members in the EE Community. And if you need stuff sorted straight away, you can talk to someone in one of the UK and Ireland call centres, or head to Twitter and Facebook if that’s easier.

    With a Smart plan, you can also choose from the following Swappable Benefits at no extra cost, and have the freedom to swap them when you fancy a change:

    Watch the best live games on BT Sport

    You can enjoy the best live and on demand sport from the Premier League, Champions League and much more with the BT Sport app.

    Roam Further

    You can use your minutes, texts and data allowance at no extra cost while travelling across even more destinations including the USA and Australia.

    Watch countless shows with the Video Data Pass

    You’ll be able to stream on-the-go from your favourite film, TV and sports apps such as Netflix, BT Sport and many more without worrying about using up your data allowance. You may need a subscription to use some of these services.

    Stress-free streaming with the Music Data Pass

    Stream and listen to your favourite music on apps like Apple Music and many more without using up your data allowance. You may need a subscription to use some of these services.

    Play non-stop online with the Gamer’s Data Pass (5G plans only)

    Play games like Fortnite, Harry Potter Wizards Unite and many more without using up your data allowance. Also includes streaming on Twitch.