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EE Pay As You Go Cashback & Offers

£4 cashback

EE Pay As You Go Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates


£4 cashback

for all purchases (excluding free SIMs)

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More about EE Pay As You Go

EE Pay As You Go cashback

EE Pay As You Go gives you access to high-speed data (up to 40Mbs) for your phone or tablet. They have been the UK’s number one network for years and have recently become a leading supplier of 5G service. In addition to incredible speeds and prices, EE has a 24/7 support team based in the UK.

Customers can also take advantage of perks such as tapping into over 5,000 hotspots around the country and discounts on films, TV packages, plus more. 

Pay As You Go top-up

You can use several methods to top up your phone credit with EE Pay As You Go. This includes text, phone, in-shop visits, and My EE on the website. EE makes it easy to pay for pay-as-you-go packs or flex plans by setting up card payments that let you renew automatically or purchase add-ons when you need them.

There are even options for using top-up cards or topping up abroad. You will also receive text messages when your credit starts to run low or confirm that your top-up has been successful. If you want to check your credit balance, you can use the website, app, or send a text to an automated system.

EE Pay As You Go phones

EE Pay As You Go offers a wide selection of popular mobile phones with monthly contracts at reasonable prices. When you buy your phone through EE, you also receive a service pack at no extra cost. This add-on gives your device a lifetime guarantee until you upgrade or leave your plan. 

The phone network has authorised experts that will repair your phone if anything goes wrong or replace it for free. You also receive a discount on cases and screen protectors to keep your phone in the best condition.

Pay As You Go packs

EE Pay As You Go packs give you access to the UK’s number one network with a plan that fits your needs. All packs have data rollover and simple payment plans. You will also have access to incredible speeds without needing to worry about a contract. Plus, if you buy the same pack for three months in a row, they will give you 500MB for free every month.

EE Pay As You Go SIM

If you want to buy a SIM without bundling it with any devices, you can choose between monthly pay SIM plans or pay-as-you-go SIM cards.

Pay As You Go bundles

When you buy a bundle with a purchased SIM, a free SIM, or a phone, you will get three months’ worth of extra data for free. There are also bundles available that include popular hardware like Razer gaming gear, PlayStation, and even Hive smart home accessories with a Google Nest Mini.

Get EE cashback

Use Quidco cashback to save even more money on popular phone and data deals. You can find several cashback links at the top of our page and click ‘Get cashback.’ This link will let you shop on the EE Pay As You Go website and complete your order. We will track and process your cashback for you, then send it to your Quidco account.