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Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover Cashback & Offers

36% cashback

Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover Cashback & Offers

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36% cashback

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More about Emergency Assist Breakdown Cover

There’s no need to stress about breakdowns anymore with the help of Emergency Assist Breakdown. Whether you’re on a long trip to see family or just popping to the supermarket, if your car breaks down it can seem like a nightmare. But you can rely on them to have you covered in whatever situation you’re dealt with.  

As the largest true independent breakdown cover company, Emergency Assist Breakdown has plenty of experience helping people get back on the roads. The reviews speak for themselves, with a 4.5/5 star rating on Trustpilot demonstrating its popularity among drivers.

Maybe you’ve got a swanky soft-top or an old banger you just can’t bear parting with. Either way, they’ll cover you whatever the age or mileage. You’ll be covered throughout the UK and day or night, an expert will be with you promptly.

If you’ve got two or more vehicles at home, save money by gaining multicover discount. You and your kids with their freshly earned driving licenses will be using the roads safe in the belief you’re all covered. 

Emergency Assist Premium and Complete cover

Although the Emergency Assist Saver option is great value for money, the Premium option provides you with many more benefits for not that much extra cost. It’s the most popular type of cover with Emergency Assist customers. Like Saver, if your car breaks down at home, Emergency Assist will come to you to repair your car. Failing that, it’ll transport your car to a nearby garage.

However, the difference between the Saver and Premium cover is that if you breakdown away from home, Emergency Assist will come to your aid. Again, if they’re unable to fix your vehicle then and there, they’ll tow your car to a nearby garage. If it becomes an overnight job, Premium customers will be given accommodation and car hire options.

Complete cover is a step up from Premium. Along with all the benefits that Premium cover gives you, Complete cover also will come to your aid when you’re driving through Europe. This can be a godsend if you breakdown in a foreign country and are unable to speak the language.

Get Emergency Assist Breakdown cashback

You can get Emergency Assist Breakdown cashback when you shop through Quidco. To get cashback, click the ‘Get cashback’ link at the top of this page. This will direct you to the Emergency Assist Breakdown website. Once there, make your purchase as normal, then sit back, relax and leave the rest to us. We’ll track and process your cashback before sending it into your Quidco account.

Emergency Assist is great for when your car breaks down. But it can’t cover you for everything, such as accidents and payouts. You’ll need full-bodied car insurance alongside it. You can save money on car insurance, too, when you get a quote from Quidco Compare. Compare top insurance providers, save money when you switch and get £35 cashback on top. This way, you’re making money as you’re saving money.

Quidco it at Emergency Assist Breakdown

Become a member today at Emergency Assist Breakdown and feel secure wherever you are in the UK. Save money by getting breakdown cover when you buy through Quidco.