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Energybulbs.co.uk Cashback & Offers

Up to 5.62% cashback

Energybulbs.co.uk Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates


5.62% cashback

for Lighting & bulbs purchases


3.63% cashback

for Electricals purchases


2.72% cashback

for Hand dryer purchases


2.72% cashback

for Garden product purchases


2.72% cashback

for Heating Appliances purchases

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More about Energybulbs.co.uk

In a market that is heavily populated with cheap, imported bulbs, Energybulbs stands head-and-shoulders above the fray. As the leading supplier of branded energy bulbs in the United Kingdom, the company provides you with products from reputable manufacturers.

Join the thousands of businesses and homeowners who trust Energybulbs when you next shop for electronic products. The site offers exceptional value, excellent customer service, and free, fast returns. 

Energybulbs light bulbs

Browse through its wide range of light bulbs and tubes that utilise the latest technology. These innovations provide you with the ultimate energy-saving performance, which is sure to reduce running costs and is better for the environment.

Illuminate your work area with clear, bright bulbs or make your room more inviting with gentle, warm light bulbs. For extra help, you could go through Energybulbs’ bulb colour and temperature guide—you are sure to find the right colour temperature for every room.

Energybulbs heaters

If you need some help keeping your office, worksite, and home warm this winter, browse Energybulbs extensive catalogue of heating products. The items come in different styles to satisfy all your needs and preferences and effectively heat any setting.

Energybulbs air conditioning

On the opposite end of the scale, keep your space cool and fresh with top-of-the-range air conditioning units. Energybulbs offers air conditioning units with features that not only cool your home but also control humidity to prevent condensation issues.

There is a myriad of sizes, styles, and colours, so you will always find an air conditioning unit suitable for your specific location and room size.

Energybulbs dehumidifiers

If you are looking to get mould or damp problems under control, you could opt for the exciting dehumidifiers in the Energybulbs range. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air, drawing the humid air in and passing it through cooled coils. The process attracts and collecting the offending moisture in a tray before blowing the drier air back into the room.

You may even want to look at the air purification dehumidifier options for double benefits toward a healthy home.

Energybulbs water heaters

Do you have moments when you need hot water but do not have instant access to it? You will find the perfect solution in an instant water heater. 

Water heaters warm your main supply and store the hot water for instant use whenever you need it. Energybulbs has an extensive selection of water heaters from some of the leading brands, such as Burco, Redring, and Hyco.

Energybulbs switches and sockets

Browse the extensive catalogue of sockets and switches that come in a wide range of finishes and colours perfect for any room. When you are revamping or completely rewiring your home, Energybulbs offers you the switches and sockets for the perfect finishing touch. 

Energybulbs light fittings

The site also has a selection of high-quality light fittings and fixtures that enable you to set the tone and desired ambience. From indoor lighting options that boost brightness and create relaxed environments to outdoor lighting products that maximise garden space, Energybulbs has everything you need.

Get Energybulbs cashback

Open an account with Quidco and get access to various exciting cashback offers as you shop for electrical products. We will track and process the purchases on Energybulbs, and send your cashback reward to your Quidco account.

Brighten your day with Energybulbs and Quidco

One of the benefits of the extensive Energybulbs electrical range is access to reliable and durable brands that brighten your home or office. The other advantage is that you can save more on Energybulbs when you shop through Quidco.