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Envirofone Trade In Cashback & Offers

Up to 0.8%/£4 cashback

Envirofone Trade In Cashback & Offers

Online cashback rates

0.8% cashback

for purchases up to £99.00

£1.20 cashback

for purchases between £99.01 - £199.99

£2 cashback

for purchases between £200 - £299.99

£2.80 cashback

for purchases between £300 - £399.99

£4 cashback

for purchases of £400 or more

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More about Envirofone Trade In

Envirofone - Get cash for your mobile’s, tablet’s and wearable’s. We're one of the longest running mobile phone recycler in the UK and since our launch in 2005, we’ve helped over 4 million happy customers get cash for their mobile’s, tablet’s and wearable’s.

The UK is renowned for hoarding and that includes mobile phones, tech and gadgets. At Envirofone we believe in the 3 R’s….


Got a mobile phone that you’re not using? Why leave it lying around when Envirofone could offer you cash for it and find it a new home? Otherwise, it’s just going to waste!


At the top of the recycling chain is reuse. Mobile phones that are dated or not trendy in the UK, can get a new lease of life somewhere else in the world. A better option than keeping it as a spare, plus you get some cash!


In some cases we aren’t able to sell or refurbish the mobile phones. In these cases the mobile will be broken down and valuable metals and components are extracted.