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Etsy Cashback & Offers

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Etsy Cashback & Offers

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More about Etsy

There’s nowhere else like Etsy when it comes to one-of-a-kind shopping from independent sellers, and now you have one more reason to hunt for vintage gems and handmade gifts online. Happy shopping!

Why shop with Etsy?

Etsy was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Brooklyn, New York back in 2005. Since then it has become the go-to online destination for unique and homemade products, with 29 million buyers around the world using the platform to shop for clothes, accessories, homeware and more.

Think of it as a global, digital take on the local craft fair, offering independent makers and traders an online shop front that lets them sell direct to shoppers around the world. If it sounds a bit like eBay, it is – the difference is that Etsy specialises in one-off, limited edition and homemade items from indie sellers and businesses, including hundreds right here in the UK.

Online shopping with a personal touch: Etsy shop

Etsy is perfect if you want to shop locally and support local artists and makers. Just filter your searches by location to find unique products close to home. Who knows what you'll come across? It could be a personalised tea-towel, a quirky wedding or baby shower gift, or a vintage map of your hometown. That's the magic of Etsy – you'll never know exactly what's available, but you can bet it'll be something cool. And you can browse all of it easily via the Etsy app or website.

Home to one-of-a-kind fashion and quirky Etsy jewellery

If you're a fashion lover, you're probably already salivating. You're right to. Etsy is brilliant for one-of-a-kind pieces, and buying them is even more satisfying when you do from the people who make or collect them. You’ll find all sorts of clothing and accessories on sale, from pretty dresses and funky shoes to handcrafted jewellery, so you’re bound to find something that fits the bill. Prefer to make your own gear? No problem – check out Etsy Studio, where you'll find great offers from independent merchants selling fabric, patterns, beads and more.

Etsy creative homewares

Want to recreate your favourite interior look without a hefty price tag? Head to Etsy for unique and creative homeware at affordable prices – and better still, with the bonus of some Quidco cashback. Browse unique pieces of furniture from independent carpenters and designers, plus vintage gems from specialist collectors. You’ll also find all the bits you need to add those perfect finishing touches to your interiors, like wallpaper, wall art, lampshades and rugs.

Craft tools and supplies

Etsy isn't just about buying cool items from other people. It’s also a marketplace for the tools and materials you need to get creative yourself. Whether you love knitting, want to get into sewing, or fancy trying your hand at any number of other crafts, Etsy has all you need to get started. Head to the Craft Tools & Supplies section to shop for fabrics, cross-stitch equipment, knitting patterns, and much more. Pick your craft, order your supplies, and get Quidco cashback – it’s as simple as that.

The vintage specialists

We've talked about independent designers and craft supplies, but let's not forget Etsy's other strength: it's one of the best online marketplaces for vintage items, from mid-century furniture to 1920s dresses. The Etsy site and app have dedicated vintage sections, so if you love items with a bit of history you can get straight to the stuff you love. And thanks to Etsy's detailed product pages and buyer reviews, you can check the condition of vintage items and the reputation of the seller before you buy.

Inspiration with Etsy blog and news

The Etsy blog is your daily dose of shopping and making inspiration. You'll find party planning ideas, highlights from popular Etsy shops and – best of all – insight into the work of creatives all over the world. Previous posts have featured a jewellery-maker on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, a sandal-maker in sun-drenched Corfu, an abstract artist in Ibiza, and a vintage specialist in Honolulu, Hawaii. If their stories don't inspire you, nothing will.

Purchase protection and buyer safety

If you're worried about buying from small independent sellers online, Etsy's security and protection measures will give you peace of mind. You can check out sellers' delivery and transaction policies before you buy, and browse reviews from other shoppers who've done business with them. And if there's anything you want to ask about an item, it's simple to message the seller directly.

When it comes to buying, Etsy has a secure checkout with industry-standard encryption, so you can pay with confidence and be sure your data is safe. There's also a global support team who can help you out if anything goes wrong, and a community forum that is packed with answers and advice from Etsy sellers and shoppers.

5 ways to make the most of your Etsy cashback

etsy homepage screenshot

With a huge range of products from sellers around the world, there are countless ways to earn your Etsy cashback. We've come up with a few ideas to get you started.

1. Spice up your home décor

There's no need to break the bank when shopping for interiors – you'll be amazed at the difference a few well-chosen ornaments and accessories can make. And that's exactly where Etsy comes in. Shop for handmade cushions, unusual art prints, vintage mirrors, quirky lighting, bespoke curtains and more.

Whatever you're looking for, you’ll find something individual and special at Etsy. And when you add in great prices and our cashback offers, it won't be long before your rooms are looking individual and special too.

2. Plan your dream wedding

Want your special day to really stand out? Of course you do – and there’s nowhere better than Etsy to shop for one-of-a-kind wedding supplies. Head to the wedding section for unique invitations, decorations, cakes, centrepieces, balloons, and more, plus homemade signage and quirky wedding favours, all of which you can buy for great value direct from the seller.

3. Accessorise with Etsy jewellery and earrings

Do you get a kick out of buying handmade jewellery on holiday and coming home with something nobody else can wear? With Etsy, you can have that feeling all year round. Etsy gives you unprecedented access to talented metalworkers, gemologists and designers from all over the world, so you can order weird, wonderful and plain beautiful pieces straight from your device, wherever you are.

Dive into the jewellery and accessories section on the Etsy website, where you can browse by jewellery type, style, price, seller location, and more.

4. Show off some original art: Etsy prints and wall art

You're going to love Etsy's art pages. Whether you're a budding curator or just looking to pep up a dull-looking room, you can browse prints and originals from artists around the world – or filter by UK if you want to find something more local.

Whatever you choose, you'll be buying art direct from the creator, without paying fees to galleries or agents. So you get something gorgeous for your home, and the artist gets a bigger chunk of the sale price. Everybody wins!

5. Pick out an Etsy gift for a new arrival

Baby showers are tough – everyone shops from the same few places, so it's all too easy to double up on gifts. Shop for gifts the Etsy way and you’re bound to find something special and totally original for the new arrival.

Simply search for baby gifts from the Etsy homepage or head to the Baby & Toddler Toys section, where you’ll find a huge array of gorgeous, hand-made wooden toys and mobiles, personalised books, blankets, rattles and teething rings, plus loads of other original bits and pieces.

four different kind of wedding veils

Shopping with Etsy

Etsy is a global marketplace trusted by hundreds of thousands of shoppers every day, but buying from independent merchants can still feel a little daunting to newbies. If you have any questions about the ins and outs of shopping with Etsy,, check out our FAQs below.

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a global marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of unique, homemade items. It also allows creative entrepreneurs – whether they’re artists, designers, makers or curators – to make a meaningful living by selling their wares, and allows shoppers to buy direct from them without hefty mark-ups.

How do I leave a review on Etsy?

Good question! Leaving an Etsy review helps buyers and sellers alike, so it's well worth doing. To leave an Etsy review, go to You > Purchases and reviews on the Etsy app or website. You’ll need to rate your purchase (from one to five stars) and leave a comment before submitting your review. You can leave a review up to 100 days after the estimated delivery date of your item.

Is Etsy safe?

Etsy is totally safe and secure, as long as you use it properly! Be sure to keep all transactions, messages and payments on the platform, so that Etsy can investigate any disputes that might arise. If a seller encourages you to make a payment any other way, report them to the support team. You can also check a seller’s individual reviews and policies for added peace of mind. If you’re in any doubt about a purchase, Etsy's global support team is on hand to help you out.

Where is Etsy located?

Etsy was founded in the US, but it is now a global marketplace with sellers trading from all over the world. You are free to shop internationally (provided the sellers offer international postage) or you can filter by UK sellers when browsing to pick up something from closer to home. You’ll be buying direct from the studio or home of the seller.

How do Etsy payments work?

Etsy payments can be made via credit card, debit card, Etsy Gift Card, Etsy Credit and bank transfer, or via a range of digital services such as PayPal, Apple Pay and Android Pay. All payments made via the Etsy platform are totally safe and secure. Be sure to report any seller that requests payment outside the Etsy platform.

How long do Etsy deliveries take?

It depends on who you buy from. Etsy doesn't handle deliveries itself – it's up to each seller to arrange delivery options and set postage fees. You'll be able to see how much delivery is likely to cost, and how long it is likely to take, on the item's description page. If there are multiple delivery options, you'll be able to choose between them when you make your payment. And if you're not sure about anything, just use Etsy's messaging service to contact the seller directly.

Can I return an item I've bought on Etsy?

Etsy is a marketplace, and doesn't have standard delivery or returns policies. Check seller and item detail pages to see whether you can return an unwanted item, and if so how. Each seller is required to list their policies on Etsy – you can find them on the Policies link on the seller homepage. If a dispute does arise and can't be resolved directly with the seller, Etsy has a mediation process that can help. Go to the House Rules section of the Etsy site for more information.

four crafted decorations from etsy

More cashback deals like Etsy

Looking for more offers on vintage clothing and accessories? Check out our cashback deals at Top Vintage and Rock My Vintage. If it’s statement jewellery you’re after, try Trollbeads, and for more unique, one-of-a-kind gifts – including the latest electronic gadgets – head to iWoot.


Even though we do our best to keep the information on this page up-to-date, it may be out of date from time to time.