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3.75% cashback
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3.75% cashback

for all purchases

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Helpful Information

Shopping Evolution Slimming

Evolution Slimming cashback

Evolution Slimming offers a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, and energy products to both the UK and Europe. Since 2008, its team has been dedicated to providing you with an affordable way to meet your health goals. You can save money with free shipping on the latest fitness products.

Evolution Slimming green coffee

Green coffee beans are unroasted and contain less than 2% caffeine, giving you all the benefits of regular coffee without the drawbacks. The chlorogenic acid in these seeds is concentrated into an extract to make supplements that boost your metabolism. It also contains antioxidants that support your weight loss methods and reduces cellulite in women.

Evolution Slimming products contain between 20% to 50% chlorogenic acid, providing benefits like reduced blood sugar levels. 

Natural collagen supplements

Starting from when you turn 25, your body loses about 1.5% of its collagen every year as it ages. Natural products and supplements available as creams, serums, and tablets can provide collagen to your body to reduce this ageing process. They also contain Vitamin C to promote smooth skin and reduce the chance of blemishes.

Fat burning turmeric

Evolution Slimming has one of the most potent turmeric capsules available with 12,500 mg of curcumin per dose. Curcumin slowly releases into your body to promote natural processes that turn your white fat-storing adipose tissues into brown fat. This transformation makes it easier for your body to burn fat and reduce inflammation, preventing you from gaining extra weight.

Evolution Slimming 7 day diet plan

In addition to offering you a choice of various effective health products, Evolution Slimming has a free 7 day diet plan to download on its website. Evolution Slimming’s diet plan includes healthy meals with simple ingredients along with a light exercise routine that you can do in the comfort of your own home. You also get recommendations for supplements and other health products, depending on your individual needs.

Raspberry ketone

Raspberry ketone supplements are popular products that make fat cells in your body easier to burn off. Evolution Slimming has products that offer a maximum strength of up to 600 mg of pure raspberry extracts, promoting healthy weight loss and increased metabolism in addition to providing nutrients such as Vitamin C.

The raspberry ketone products sold by Evolution Slimming are made in the UK and meet high EU standards for health supplements. They contain no caffeine like other pills, eliminating side effects including jitters or light-headedness, making them perfect to use with an exercise and diet plan to improve your results.

Evolution Slimming cashback

Make your physical health journey even easier with our cashback opportunities at Quidco. Scroll to the top of the page until you see the cashback links. Click ‘Get cashback’ and you can continue to shop on the Evolution Slimming website for your supplements. After you complete your order, we will start tracking and processing your cashback to send it directly to you. Check your Quidco account when the process is complete to claim your cashback.

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