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Evri Cashback & Offers

Up to 15% cashback

Evri Cashback & Offers

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Online cashback rates

15% cashback

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5% cashback

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for existing customer purchases

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More about Evri

Evri is a courier service that originated back in 1972 in West Germany. The company experienced rapid growth since the reunification of Germany in 1990 and expanded into other countries. France came first in 1997, while the service moved to the UK in 2000. Before rebranding to Hermes, the service was initially known as myHermes drop off and collection service in the UK. 

Evri delivery and collection services are incredibly affordable, often beating the public Royal Mail service rates. The service enjoys popularity with small and medium-sized enterprises, as it offers affordable and flexible parcel services for businesses that need door-to-door delivery of their products. 

Evri  Send-a-Parcel

The core of the Evri business model is its Send-a-Parcel service. The website is relatively straightforward. By just entering the postcode you are sending the parcel from and the postcode where the parcel needs to arrive, Hermes will quickly provide you with the rates for different packages. It is that easy. 

Once you have selected the desired parcel service, including the type of delivery and additional services like insurance, you can choose how Evri  will obtain the package from you. The two main options are the Hermes Drop Off service, where you can drop off your package at a nearby Evri Drop Off location, or you can schedule a Evri Pick Up at your home or business location, and a courier will be at your doorstep shortly. 

Evri Tracking

Evri offers tracking for all the parcels carried by their service. All you have to do is go to the Evri website and visit the Track a Parcel page. You need to fill out a text form with either the 16-digit parcel number or the 8-digit calling card number and click Track. The Evri website will quickly display all of the information about the parcel, including the current location, the status of the delivery, and when you can expect it at your doorstep. 

The use of tracking software helps companies like Evri improve their services and provide their customers with a sense of security. It also has a positive influence on customer service and satisfaction. 

Get Evri cashback

Courier services offer the unique convenience that you can have items delivered to your doorstep, which is especially useful today. Unfortunately, frequent deliveries can become expensive as fees pile up. Quidco and Evri have partnered together to provide you with a great way to save some money on courier services by offering Evri cashback offers. 

To take advantage of this offer, you need to have a Quidco account and log into it when you visit the Evri cashback page. Click the Get Cashback button located near the top of the page and let Quidco redirect you to the Evri online portal. Schedule a pickup or any other parcel service and make a payment online. 

Quidco will take over from here. They will validate your purchase and register it to your account, and the cashback you earned will be in your Quidco account shortly after.