FairFX Travel Money Card Cashback

Save money whilst shopping with FairFX Travel Money Card cashback! Simply click get cashback, shop as normal and earn rewards in your Quidco account.
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Last updated Jul. 5, 2022



£7.59 cashback

for new customer Currency Card purchase


£15.99 cashback

for any new customer that registers and completes a international money transfer

When will I get my cashback?

  • Purchase
  • Tracked in
    <Less than 24 hours
  • Pays within
    8-12 weeks

Cashback do's and don'ts


  • Cashback can be earned by clicking the "Get cashback" button and purchasing as you normally would.
  • Cashback will only be confirmed where the purchase is genuine, tracked, done immediately and completed online (on the same device).
  • Cashback may not be tracked if you purchase using the merchant app (if applicable), some merchants may automatically re-direct you to their mobile app.
  • Make sure you have enabled cookie-tracking and do not have an ad-blocker on your browser.
  • Only use promotional codes/voucher codes from Quidco, using alternatives may decline your cashback.
  • Cashback may initially track at a lower or higher rate and update to the correct rate on confirmation.


  • Cashback is only available for new customers
  • Cashback will not be paid until a new customer has successfully loaded a card above £50 or more
  • Please also see the retailer's standard terms and conditions for purchase as listed on their site

Helpful Information

Shopping FairFX Travel Money Card

FairFX Cashback

FairFX is one of the UK’s most trusted payment services provider. The company provides travel cash, prepaid currency cards, and international money transfer services to personal and business customers. FairFX takes pride in offering some of the best rates in the market and top-notch service.

FairFX business

FairFX business combines currency expertise with global payments technology. The aim is to help you manage your expenses and cashflow, simply and cost-effectively. The setup means that you can pay employees, business partners and suppliers at competitive rates. 

You will also gain access to a faster payments API, saving on domestic payments or leveraging FairFX’s expense management solution to conserve time and avoid the hassle.

Do you need to make global business transfers? Contact the team at FairFX to help you make the right type of payment at the perfect opportunity.

FairFX Currency Card

The FairFX Currency Card is a prepaid Mastercard that allows you to lock in excellent rates for 15 major currencies. It includes US dollars and euros that you can spend in over 190 countries. 

You can also take advantage of exclusive travel offers with currency alerts and easy access to some of the best exchange rates available.

FairFX app

FairFX has apps available for Android and iOS. That means your linked cards must be managed via the app. You can also check your balance, exchange, top up, get your pin and pause your card on the app.

FairFX travel card

A travel card rapidly becomes one of the most critical tools for paying for things while overseas. The platform allows you to load it with cash before you go abroad, and use it as you would a debit card (to withdraw or spend cash as you wish).

FairFX Everywhere card

FairFX Everywhere cards have been replaced with the brand new FairFX Currency Card. If you have funds remaining on your old Everywhere card, use it to load the money onto your new Currency Card.

FairFX rewards

Now you can make the most of your currency by earning 3.5% cashback online or in-store. The deal is available at some of the top retailers in the UK. 

On occasion, FairFX will have special offers where you can earn up to 7.5% cashback. 

Once you’ve made an eligible purchase, the FairFX cashback will be automatically credited to your account (at least 60 days after the transaction, at the beginning of each month).

Get FairFX cashback

Earn cashback when you order a FairFX card through Quidco. Head to the top of the page and click “Get cashback.” 
The link will redirect you to the official FairFX website where you can browse the various products and offers and shop as normal.

Once you’ve chosen a product and ordered your card, we’ll validate your payments, process your cashback and send it to your Quidco account.
Top travel with FairFX and Quidco

Ideal for holiday spending, the FairFX travel card helps you avoid carrying too much cash and mitigates foreign transaction charges. You will be able to make the most of your time away and get more value for your money by offering better rates than banks and other travel cash providers. 

Don’t forget to use your FairFX deals in line with Quidco for even greater savings.